All great truths begin as blasphemies.
-George Bernard Shaw
Lord Galen
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Marilyn Monroe
June 17, 2005

Just like with Princess Diana, this is another bitch that pisses me off. Well, not realy her, actually. Marilyn Monroe used her talents and got rich/famous; can't fault her for that, anyone would've done it. No, what pisses me off about her fandom is that nobody wants to stand up and admit the simple fucking truth about 'ol Norma Jeane. Fact is, I could probably get more mail about this rant than any other, just for telling the truth that Marilyn's fans are too stupid to admit.

Boy and girls, Marilyn Monroe was just a cheap fucking crack whore dressed up in fancy dresses! She sucked and fucked her way to the top and then rafted a river of narcotics and booze all the way back down. Why do you losers pratically fucking worship her? The only difference between her and any other alcholic dope-head slut is that she could act and sing.

"No Galen, you liar! You're twisting things around! She was a LADY! She had CLASS!"

Sure she did, right up until she polished off her first 40 ouncer of the day, followed by an injection cocktail. It eventually killed her, yet all you damn Marilyn freaks run around screaming "No, no, it was a conspiracy! She was murdered!" or some other such nonsense. Look, stupid, her excessive drug and alchohol use (not to mention her MANY men) were well known long before her death, such things just weren't pointed out back then (propriety being even more rediculous back then than it is now).

So, just please, shut the fuck up about Marilyn Monroe. She wasn't hot, she wasn't sexy, she wasn't smart, and HER ACTING SUCKED! She was nothing but a druggie whore who lucked out and made it big. Like I said, I don't hold that against her. She was what she was and at least *she* didn't seem to be ashamed of who she was. Too bad her so-called fans can't take a lesson from that. She was a damn whore and proud of it! You dishoner her awesome bad ass self-confidence by placing her on some damn pillar where she doesn't belong. It was people like you placing her up so high that probably caused her to fall in the first place.

You want to honor her memory for something? Honor the fact that she didn't pretend to be more than a whore/druggie/drunk. Honor the fact that she died high as a kite and probably happy cuz of all the pink elephants swimming around her.

Marilyn's story gets repeated every day on the streets of America, minus the fortune and fame. She was nothing special; get over it.

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