I doubt if there are any rational people to whom the word 'fuck' would be particularly diabolical, revolting or totally forbidden
-Kenneth Tynan
Lord Galen
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The Meaning of Life and Purpose of Humanity
May 16, 2005

I just heard some shit that reminded me of why I'm here, why I have this website, and why I created the character of Lord Galen to express feelings like I'm having right about now. No, you don't need to know what fucking bullshit I just heard about cuz it's personal and someone else's business, but damn did it ever serve to remind me of that place deep inside me where "Lord Galen" comes from.

The vast majority of the human race is made up of people who are ignorant, petty, greedy, closed-minded, pathetic, self-centered, bigoted, and arrogant in their own retarded fucking beliefs. Frankly, when it comes to about 99% of the Earth's population, I fucking hate you all. I mean that, genuinely, from the real me and from the part that drives me to write as "Lord Galen." Both sides of me are in total and complete agreement that almost all of you, the human beings on this planet, are gutless, small-minded, insignificant, pathetic, fucking spineless retarded IDIOTS!

I honestly and truly wish to God that I wasn't a human being. I'd rather be something else, even a fucking cockroach. Y'know, as stupid as I thought the Matrix was and as much as I hate being compared to "Neo" there is one thing from that movie that I so fucking cheered about when I heard it... one thing from that movie that I wholeheartedly agreed with. The human race is a disease; a cancer of this planet! Almost every last fucking one of you go about your lives performing one specific function that you aren't even aware of, just like a virus....

You want to know the meaning of life as a human being? Here it is: Humans exist to corrupt all that is pure and natural. We exist for the sole purpose of taking everything that nature and God gives to us on a silver platter and twisting those things until they become something else entirely; something grotesque and utterly sickening!

The very few decent human beings on this planet are mocked and shouted down constantly by the majority of you who are sick, twisted, and insane from your own normalcy. Every mother fucking decent thing -- every damn victory for humanity that has ever been won -- has come from years upon years of endless struggle, suffering, and persecution. When women were recognized as equals to men, did it come about naturally? Fuck no! Civil Rights for blacks and homosexuals? Nope! The very few people in this world who had the common fucking sense to grasp the very simple concept of equality were fought tooth and nail EVERY STEP OF THE WAY by the rest of you!!!! Hell, the homosexuals are STILL fighting it out with you goddamn ignorant fucking bigots that call yourselves human! And the Youth Rights movement or any other civil rights movements that are yet to come...? Those movements too will eventually win, but it won't come easily. No, it will NEVER come easily because human beings, by their very nature, are not interested in improving the world. We are interested in perverting and destroying it!

I think that I can honestly say that I genuinely and passionately HATE every last fucking one of you! Sure, there are exceptions, people that I don't hate (or at least dislike to a lesser degree), but they are SO FEW that I might as well just go ahead and say that I LOATHE YOU ALL! Being a human, by default, means you disgust me!

People wonder where "Lord Galen" and all his material come from? There ya go, THIS is where it all comes from, this place inside me where I'm at right now that fucking hates you all and wishes to God that we could all JUST FUCKING DIE right now so that I don't have to sit here and be witness to the history of things to come where you will no doubt fuck up this planet and its people even more than you already have (and that's saying something)!

And you people wonder why I love children so much? It's very simple; because they haven't yet been corrupted. The disease has a foothold on them, but it hasn't taken root just yet. I give children far more respect than adults (by default) because THEY represent what we as human beings were INTENDED to be by Nature (or God, if you prefer). Jesus said the same fucking thing: Be like these little children or you're not worthy of any fucking eternal reward! I think he was on to something there, you ignorant, back-stabbing, selfish, cock-sucking, assholes! I fight so damn hard to make this world better for the young because they are the only ones who deserve my compassion! The rest of you can lie in the bed of shit you've made for yourselves and fuck you all the way to Hell!

You wanna know what the saddest part is? Thea really mind-boggling thing? It's that you don't fucking care! You're happy to stay just like this forever. Fuck you, rot in Hell!

No matter how much I bitch, no matter how much I say these things, no matter how much hate I spew forth and no matter how big of an asshole I become, you (collectively) will always be so much worse. The part of me that is "Lord Galen" and the part of me that is the real (and whole) me, are both equally pissing in the wind.

And what about having faith in humanity? Fuck humanity! I hereby officially disown the entire goddamn species. I am not one of you and don't you dare compare me to you ever again, you fucking sick psychopaths! With very few exceptions, you are all beneath me.

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