I'm trying to like people, it's just so hard to weed through the stupid ones.
Lord Galen
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Hackers and Script Kiddies
Jan. 1, 2005

Ok, I think I've had just about enough of you mother fuckin' little script kiddies running around fuckin' shit up and calling yourselves "hackers." You're NOT hackers, you no-life little dork! You're a fuckin' loser who still lives in your mom's basement and feels totally rejected by the whole damn world, so you decide that it's ok to fuck up other people's shit.

Lemme make sure I'm clear on this. Real hackers do exist and they're out there. Real hackers, however, are not out there fucking things up. They're out there breaking into systems just for the fun of it or to find the weaknesses and help out the sysadmins. That's what hackers do. If that's not what you're doing, you're not a fucking hacker, you're just a destructive little punk!

But everywhere I go online, I see bullshit. "This site hacked by: SomeFuckinLoser" and shit like that. Nine times outta 10, you'll see it on a site that's run on open-source Content Management Systems (CMS). A while back, my Guestbook got "hacked"; can you guess why? Because it's run on an open-source program.

Look, you retarded fucking little script kiddies, you are NOT A FUCKING HACKER, YOU IDIOT! Seriously, think about. You can "hack" a program whose source code is freely available from a thousand different places online. That's about as fucking special as bragging that you can understand Morse Code while looking at a Morse Code chart! You fucking loser - congratulations, you can "hack" something as long as all the vulnerabilities are staring you in the face; well aren't you just fucking special! Hey, why don't you come "hack" my message board and post in giant bold letters:


I'm so happy for you that you can do something that a fucking 2 year old could pull off. Really, dork, you look through the source code and find a weakness... wow... Jeez, let me touch you so maybe some of that genius will rub off on me too! On second thought, I'd better not... Don't wanna catch the crabs you got from jacking off with that fat ugly slut's bathing suit at the public pool last month. Douche bag!

To all the real Hackers out there: Keep up the good fucking work! You guys rock!

To the rest of you dumbass little nothings: You're just a fuckin' script kiddie. It'd be quicker and easier to go spray paint your name on an overpass, dipshit. That'll get you less time in jail if you get caught and PLUS it's a lot harder to remove.

Sure, it's funny when you tag somebody's site (even mine), but it's funny in the same way that Steve Urkel was funny. We're not laughing with you, we're laughing at you, loser!

"Oh no, Galen.... Won't all the script kiddies come hack your site now that you've pissed them off?" Eh, they'll probably hack the board and I could really give a fuck less. If they wanna come around here, show us what gigantic pussies they are, and prove me RIGHT, let 'em go right ahead. Only a real hacker could do any serious damage to this site and any real hacker knows I'm not talking about him. I'd like to see a fucking script kiddie hack a Unix server - HA!

Hack me, losers! Go right ahead and fucking prove to me what idiots you are! C'mon, I'm BEGGING you to prove me RIGHT! Hack me, I fucking dare you!

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