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A Girl I Know
July 22, 2005

I have been accused a few times of "defending pedophiles" on this site. Not because I've actually defended them, but rather because I don't call for their heads and show them hatred for what they are rather than what they've done like most people do. I mark a distinct difference between thought and action (as most people don't when it comes to this subject) and I condemn people for the things they do rather than the things they may desire. However, this rant is long overdue and I feel a need to write it now. In defending the innocent, I have overlooked condemning the guilty.

As I sit here writing this, I have brought a little picture into the room and propped it on my keyboard. It is a picture of a little girl that I've known for years at the school where I work. She's a fiesty little thing and a force to be reckoned with among her peers. Today, I learned that this beautiful little girl has been the ongoing victim of rape at the hands of her step-father and his brother.

I've many times defended the rights of the young to say "yes" to sexual activity when that is what they choose. I think it also goes without saying then that they have an equally important right to say "no" to sexual activity when it is NOT something they choose. This young girl (11 years old at this time) did not choose what happened to her. She was robbed of the absolute soveriegnty that all people should have over their own bodies. She was robbed of that and it is an Unforgiveable Crime.

Let me be clear: I have now and will always advocate the death penalty for those who force themselves sexually on others (especially children). These people deserve not one shred of human consideration or compassion. They are purely evil and deserve a purely evil death.

I don't know what the point of writing this is, really. Am I here to condemn a crime that is already the most heinous in our society? A waste of my time, I'm sure. No one needs to be told that raping a little girl is FUCKING WRONG! At least, I wish no one needed to be told that. No, I think I'm here because that little girl deserves to have her situation, personally, denounced. She deserves to have someone who cares about her step up to the plate and say.... I dunno, something.

I guess it's because I knew her and liked her and respected her. I don't want her to be a statistic in people's minds. I don't want people to think "oh how sad, that poor girl" and just go on about their business. I want people's eyes to fill with tears the way mine are now because SHE FUCKING DESERVES THAT!

I first met her in the very first class I ever taught. She was in the 2nd grade at the time and a mighty hellraiser. She was never an overly angry girl or anything like that. She wasn't dark and moody or disturbed, she was just one tough chick. In the 3rd grade, she had totally earned my respect. Though other teachers saw her as a smart-ass little bitch, that's the kind of thing I tend to respect. She didn't let people walk all over her; she knew how to stand up for herself and it didn't matter who the fuck you were.

I could tell that she was not a virgin. Don't ask me how I could tell, it's just a sense that I have which hasn't yet been wrong. My thinking, however, was that I rather pitied any boy she set her sights upon cuz they wouldn't stand a chance in hell of getting away, lol. Not that they'd want to. She was a lovely girl in appearance and any boy would've been damn lucky to have her as a girlfriend. Well, I dunno if lucky is the word I'd use... I recall clearly seeing that she wore the pants in a relationship (which didn't surprise me at all). I remember at a dance one time she and her boyfriend walked up to the food counter and she simply held out her hand to her boyfriend. Without a single word, she demanded money and she got it! Most girls don't get the hang of that until they're teenagers.

All of this is why I'm quite shocked. Even knowing that she wasn't a virgin, the thought never occured to me that it had been forced on her. Hell, I wouldn't have imagined that even a grown man could've forced her to do anything against her will; at least, not without her ratting his ass out immediately. She was just too damn tough and I can't believe that she ever stood for being abused....

Eventually, she did tell. She confided in her older sister who immediately told their mom. The mom took her to the doctor. Currently, she's in a psychiatric facility and they say she's snapped and pulled out her eyebrows. Funny, isn't it, that she snaps AFTER being admitted for "treatment." I've said it before and I'll say it again: So call "therapy" does not help victims, it creates them! This girl was tough, goddamnit, SO FUCKING TOUGH! She could've dealt. She could've handled it and moved on. I'm not saying it would've been easy, but she could've fucking done it! Now, thanks to those fucking bastards pumping her head full of that "O woe is me, I'm a poor little victim" shit, she'll carry those deep scars for life. Yeah, she would've been scarred anyway, but not so badly and not anything she couldn't have handled. She *COULD* have dealt with it, but not anymore. Not now that the fucking "experts" have "helped" her by stripping away her mental defenses. Why couldn't they really help her? Strengthen her defenses! I've seen her shrug off both emotional and physical injury without a tear... She was one of the strongest people (of any age) that I have ever known. She would've overcome this - of that I have absolutely no doubt. Where other girls her age might've fallen to pieces, this particular girl wouldn't have. She would've dealt with it in her own way and moved on with life.

But, it's the lesser of evil. I hate what those fucking shrinks are doing to her, but now at least her step-dad and his brother won't be sodomizing her anymore, ever. They'll be off to prison and THEY will be the ones getting fucked up the ass every night. I call that sweet justice and, in fact, prefer it to their deaths. Average everyday thugs (theives, murderers, even adult rapists) have a special place in their hearts for child rapists...a very cold and black place. I honestly and truthfully pray to God that these men get raped to death. The idea that they will be raped in prison is sweet justice. Let them go through the horror that they put that girl through for years! LET THEM SUFFER!!!!

You'll note that she wasn't raped by some shadowy mythic figure. There were no evil men lurking outside her home or school. She was assaulted by men close to her and with easy access. These men were most likely not even pedophiles; she was just a quick and easy piece of ass that couldn't deny them what they wanted. She couldn't stop it because even a tough little hard-ass like her doesn't have any power to stop adults from doing whatever they please to her. And you sons of bitches DARE to wonder why I fight so hard for Youth Rights? This is it, you gutless little cunts. This is why adults having so much power over children is DANGEROUS! How was SHE protected? How were HER best interests served? How did it benefit her at all that she was nothing more than property, to be dealt with as her masters saw fit, regardless of her wishes?

What I want you to take from this rant is not more of my crazy anti-psychology ravings or even the denouncement of this girl's rape. I want you to sit there and know that this girl was not a statistic. She was a real little girl that I've laughed with and played with and teased and been teased by and helped and hugged and cared for. She was my friend and she deserves your respect.

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