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Emo Hating Assholes
October 22, 2005

Earlier today, I got a Guest Rant submission in my Inbox. Before you read this rant, I'd like for you to read the submission that I got. CLICK HERE.

You'll note that I have not credited it and have removed the identifying information. I'll be happy to credit the guy if he wants me to, but no I will NOT remove it from this site as long as it remains uncredited.

Now it's my turn to rant. What the fuck is WRONG with you? Oh, it's funny that a group of people have been singled out for being different? It's funny to you, right, cuz they're just "emo fag whores" right? Well, I'M NOT LAUGHING!

It never ceases to amaze me. Teenagers are probably the single most discriminated against group of people in the country, yet time and time again so many of them manage to pull off stupid BIGOTED shit like this! Fucking teens creating little social groups and classes within their ranks. Congratulations asshole, you just learned Prejudice 101! Wanna know how sexism, racism, ageism, etc came about? By the SAME FUCKING MENTALITY that leads you fucking knuckleheads to pick on emo kids, that's how!

Oh, it's funny and stupid and gay that they want to wear "girl pants" is it? Now you're a sexist asshole too! You have a problem with dude's in chick's clothing? Maybe you're a fucking homophobe? Maybe they think YOUR style is pretty fucking "gay" too, did that thought ever occur to you? No, it didn't, cuz you're too fucking consumed with your stupid ass little artificial social classes to concern yoruself with something small like, oh I dunno, THEIR HUMANITY!

Make no mistake, I am NOT bitching solely at this one guy who submitted the Guest Rant. Oh no, it's not like he's the only one doing it. Emo kids get fucking ripped on all the fucking time and I'M SICK OF IT!

It's bigotry, plain and simple. I don't fucking care what you call it, I don't fucking care what your excuse is for it. If you pick on the emo kids for no other reason than that you think they're "lame" or whatever, YOU'RE A FUCKING BIGOT! They don't fit your definition of "cool?" Too fucking bad, loser!

Y'know how I feel about emo kids? Really, I'd probably think they were lame too. I think it sounds silly to wear girl pants to school too. BUT, that is *their fucking choice* and you have NO RIGHT to pass judgement on them for it and you also have NO FUCKING RIGHT to tease them and give them shit for it!

And the Dobson High School nazis that were mentioned because they've threatened to suspend any dudes wearing "girl pants." Here's hoping the ACLU's Student Rights division SUES THE HOLY FUCKING SHIT out of you!

All you assholes... you just pick out a group of people who're not like you, single them out, and declare that they're somehow less of a person than you. Don't fucking tell me that's not what you do; IT IS! And THEN, most of you have the fucking BALLS to declare what great individuals and "non conformists" you are. Fuck you, you're part of the herd! Emo kids get 10 times the respect in my eyes for having the cajones to break the mold. You're just a little follower and you haven't got anywhere near the guts of a single "emo fag whore" you fucking pansy bitch!

You wanna be a real fucking man (or woman, as the case may be)? Then stand up to your fucking "group." Have some damn backbone, you fuckin' jellyfish! Just one time, I'd like to see you stand up and DEFEND an emo kid and tell some dickwad to leave them alone because they have EVERY RIGHT to be who they are without having to worry about closed-minded arrogant dickfaces like YOU!

In closing, I'd like to say to the guy who submitted that rant that if I didn't consider you a friend, I'd have posted your screen name, your AIM contact, your MySpace, your e-mail address, and your fucking picture and told the world to have at you! Don't think I'm pissed or anything and don't think I suddenly don't like you. I like you just fine and you're still a cool guy, BUT don't think you can be sending be this fucking lame ass bigoted bullshit without gettin' called out for it! I ain't havin' it and YOU might think that shit's "funny" but, again, I'm not fucking laughing. That shit wasn't cool at all. You (and your friends) probably just need to learn how to treat those who are different with a little fucking human dignity. You're not so damn perfect yourself; I'd suggest you remember that.

And that goes for everyone reading this. I'M the only one here who's anywhere near perfect, so unless you're me, get a fucking clue and shut the fuck up!

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