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Intelligent Design is NOT Creationism
Jan. 9, 2005

Ok, I'm getting just a little bit sick of this common miconception from twits who apparently don't know their ass from their elbows. All over the Internet in the "God vs. Science" debates (which are frequent and frequently filled with nothing but idiots on both sides) I keep reading phrases like "Intelligent Design is the new philosophy of Creationists... blah blah blah." Well, I am an ID Theorist and I'm here to tell you that they are NOT the same fucking thing!

NO! Shut up asshole, don't even say it! I'm tired of stupid fucks trying to explain MY fucking beliefs to me from THEIR 3rd person observers point of view! You are an outsider, ok? You are not an ID Theorist and therefore you have no fucking business trying to pretend to be some kind of expert on the subject! YOU'RE NOT! So just shut the fuck up, sit back, and pay attention, you dull-witting little experiment in de-evolution!

Intelligent Design says this: The universe and all life in it quite obviously appears to have a design to its structure. The presence of a design implicity implies the existance of a designer. In other words, things don't just design themselves (a la evolution).

Creationism says this: God created the universe and all life from his sheer will in 7 days as is reported in the first chapter of the book of Genesis in the Bible.

If you can't see the fucking difference between those two, do evolution a favor and shoot yourself in the head to prevent your genes from being passed on!

A good example of the ID argument is this: Suppose you're walking through the woods one day and you see a pocket watch lying on the ground. How did it get there? Did it evolve? Is that a silly question? Why? A single human cell is a million times more complex than that pocket watch, yet we claim that IT managed to "evolve" over the course of time. A single human cell is a far more efficient machine than that pocket watch, yet we seem to think that it just "came together" over the course of the eons. So, how do you know the pocket watch didn't evolve? Obviously, it's too complex to have just come into existance on its own and just looking at it makes it obvious that there is a DESIGN to it! Though we can't see the watch maker and we can't prove that there even was a watch maker, the very fact that the watch exists and is a designed construct is proof that there MUST have been a watch maker!

Go ahead and apply all the Creation vs. Evolution arguments to that watch. Both of them sound pretty stupid, huh? We wouldn't argue that the watch was brough into existance by God saying "let there be a watch" but we also wouldn't argue that over the course of a billion years, exactly the right alloys were shaped and came together through natural forces to produce a working machine. However, we could very easily argue that something had to have created such a complex device somehow. THIS is Intelligent Design and it is NOT "Creationism."

Oh, and before anyone bothers with that good old argument of "That's stupid Galen, a watch is made out of metal, it's obviously artificial, you can't compare that to living things." Just save it. Iron, gold, silver, copper, etc. are all ELEMENTS! All the things that make up a pocket watch are just as natural and abundant in the universe as the things that make up a human cell. If you're best argument against ID is "durrrr... but they're made outta different stuff" then please go stick your thumb up your ass, you fucking retard.

Hey, look, you wanna believe in evolution, that's fine. I do too, to a certain extent. You want to think ID is complete bullshit, go right ahead. But, please, STOP comparing ID to Creationism! They are not the same fucking thing and they never will be no matter how much you'd like to package all "Christian dogma" into one little box!

I'm an ID Theorist because that theory makes a whole lot more since than EITHER Creationism or (macro) evolution. I just don't get how you evolutionists can sit there and bitch about ID when your great big brilliant idea is "uh... stuff just happened! Yeah! Millions of years and shit just turned out right by coincidence!" Oh please.... You people are just as dogmatic and stupid as the die-hard Creationists. You can all suck my balls.

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