Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.
-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Lord Galen
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Curfews are Bullshit
October 9, 2005

Ok, this person who supported curfews for teenagers came onto the NYRA board and spouted bullshit. My response was so fucking great, I'm making it a rant. Here ya go!

There is no reason a kid would need to be out so late unless they were up to no good. If they really needed to be out (which would be VERY rare), then they should be supervised by parents.
There are a million reasons. The fact that you can't think of one shows you for what you are: An ageist bigot.

Children need to be spending more time with their parents, not out having sex, doing drugs, and all of the other illegal activities that they do when unsupervised.
Sexual activity, drug use, and all other illegal activities among kids have been falling steadily for a long time. The fact that you seem to think that ALL kids do nothing but illegal things when they're unsupervised shows you for what you are: An ageist bigot.

Daytime curfews keep children in school, which is where they need to be, and where they are safe.
For the most part, I agree with this. However, it is a parent's job to keep their kids in school (or to home school them, if that's their choice) and to keep them safe. It is not the government's place to impose limits on an entire group of humanity. The fact that you think it's ok shows you for what you are: An ageist fascist bigot.

Daytime curfews prevent dropping out of school, which can only benefit the child. A child is much less likely to drop out of school if they are going to be forced to stay inside during school hours.
In other words, a child is much more likely to stay in a place that they're forced to attend against their will if the law forces them to say somewhere else against their will should they decide to drop out. I don't think I even need to comment on that one.

Police can more easily find missing and runaway children. Curfews prevent gang activities, before they get to a more violent level.
Missing children implies that they were kidnapped. They're not going to be out in broad daylight. Runaway children often have a damn good reason to run away, assuming they stayed gone for more than 24-48 hours. Did it ever occur to you that maybe the police finding them and taking them home might be a BAD thing? According to Child Help USA, 81% of child abusers are the child's parents.

And no, curfews DO NOT prevent gang activity. Gangs don't care about the law and therefore do not obey it.

Prevention is 9/10 of the cure.
You, me, and any other adult has the potential to commit a crime. Should we have our movement restricted because of what we MIGHT do? I believe that tactic was used in the USSR to control the population.

Any good parent would prohibit their child from being out at that time anyways, and most of the time when children are out at these hours, the parents do not even know that they are out.
Assuming for the sake of argument that your definition of a "good parent" is universal and not just your own opinion, your first point might be true; and I would still argue that it is indeed the parent's job to supervise their kids, not the government's.

As for kids sneaking out, perhaps if these "good parents" didn't assume, like you, that their kids were up to no good by default, the kids my trust their parents enough not to deceive them.

Curfews save children's lives by forcing them to stay inside where they are safe.
Again, 81% of child abuse is perpetrated by the victim's parents. It is a proven fact that the inside of a home tends to be more dangerous for a child than the outside. So-called "stranger danger" is a myth; only 2% of crimes against children are committed by strangers. A child is 2 and a half times more likely to get hit by lightning than to get taken by a stranger!

In other words, curfews make children subject to MORE ABUSE by forcing them to stay inside where it is NOT safe.

For more information, see my Stranger Danger rant.

Curfews save adult's lives by protecting them from the criminal children who are out at that time (Any good child would be at home during these hours anyways).
The amount of crime committed by youth is not that high. If you want to single out a group of people, why not blacks? The crime rate committed by blacks is much higher than that committed by youth. Or why not men? The crime rate committed by men is EXTREMELY high. Try floating curfews against blacks or men through the legislature and see how that goes.

Children are not getting enough sleep, and by forcing them to be inside, they would likely get bored and go to sleep like they should.
My average bed time as a teenager was around 3 or 4 am. I never went out anywhere (and I was a teen before curfews got popular, btw). Your proposal that kids should be forced to get enough sleep is rediculous. You can't FORCE people to do what's healthy for them.

There are many more people who support curfews than those who do not support them.
Because those people, like you, are aware only of what the media tells them. They are not aware of the facts. And I would remind you that in 1950, there were more people who supported such laws against blacks and women than those who did not support them. It is a historical fact that the majority of society most often holds the INCORRECT view on things, simply because the majority of people (like yourself) believe what they are told and don't bother to question it and do the research themselves. In 1950, that may've been a good reason for the lack of knowledge, but in 2005 with the Internet, ignorance is no excuse.

These are only a few of the many reasons why children need curfews.
Now maybe you should try giving some GOOD reasons. All I heard was bigoted bullshit and incorrect information.

And in case you didn't get this from my response, let me make it clear that I'm an adult. I am a 27 year old teacher. I wanted you to be aware of that so that you can save your breath with the whole "you'll understand when you're older" speech that you would use against me if I were a teenager. I *am* older and it's just as retarded and bigoted now as it was when I was 16 and first heard the distant rumors of other places thinking about "curfews" for teens.

Here's the situation. A vast minority of teenagers commit crimes. Just like every other grouping of human beings on the planet. Instead of putting resources into punishing those who commit crimes, you and your ilk think it's a good idea to proactively punish an entire group of people based solely on their age. THAT is discrimination, prejudice, and bigotry of the highest calling! Yes, you'll justify it with as much crap as you can muster. The slave owners of the 19th century had lots of "facts" to back up slavery too (all crap, just like your "facts"). The men of the early 20th century had a ton of "facts" to back up their oppression of women (all crap, just like yours). The whites of the early and mid 20th century had an enormous amount of "facts" to back up the oppression of blacks (all crap, like yours). And the heterosexuals of the 50s/60s/70s had a multitude of facts to support their oppression of homosexuals (hell, it used to be called "homophilia" and was considered just as much a mental disease as pedophilia!).

Your "facts" and "reasons" don't impress me. I've researched the issue myself and have read the *real* facts for myself. They simply don't jive with what curfew supports espouse. It's not that I think you're all like sacks of shit (just some of you), it's that most of you are completely ignorant of the real facts and you've bought the bullshit so completely that you aren't interested in learning the truth for yourself. You don't think the newspapers or the TV would lie to you, so you put your trust in them. Nevermind the fact that they have a historical record of inflating and exaggerating the issues to gain ratings.

Put simply, you don't know what you're talking about; and that's just the way you like it.

Ok, that's the end of what I posted on NYRA. I'd just like to add to that and say that I showed this rant to some kid down the street and now he's in the emergency room because it rocked his balls off. Hot damn, I rule!

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