Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.
-C.S. Lewis
Lord Galen
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Blockbuster video, you fucks!
January 30, 2005

Ok, I'm sure most of you have seen the new commercials. Blockbuster is advertising "No more late fees!" like it's the second coming of Christ or something. They're pumping this shit up and getting people all excited like "yeah, we can keep the movie and not have to pay a late fee, Blockbuster rules!"

And then there's the truth....

My sister was late returning a video to Blockbuster last week and she was lucky enough to find out just how their nice new "No late fees" policy works. Oh, they're totally right, there really aren't any more late fees... Now, if you're late, they just charge you the full rental fee again!

You fucking cheap-ass lying sons of bitches! Hey, it's not that I mind this policy; actually I think it's a damn good idea. You get charged to re-rent it and can keep the movie for an extra X number of days. It's a good policy, in my opinion. So, what's the problem then if I like it? The problem is that these fucks are lauding their great new policy as if it's something it's not. They're lying to the sheepish little masses who're just gonna believe all the bullshit they spew just because they fucking CAN!

Their whole ad campaign is just a great big fucking half-truth. You can't call it an outright lie, cuz they ARE telling the truth that there's no more late fees, but it isn't the WHOLE truth that consumers deserve! No, the new policy isn't the problem, it's the misleading and dishonest advertising that pisses me the fuck off!

I'm thinking it's time to go rent a few movies with cash and instruct my bank to block all charges from Blockbuster... I'll just keep those movies and never go to Blockbuster again - the FUCKS! Hey, if they can lie to me, I can fucking steal from them. Fuck those bastards, there's a bunch of movies I want and I'm about to get 'em for like $4 each - Mwahahahaha!

I encourage everyone else to follow my lead. Fuck them over and maybe they'll get the message: It is not acceptable to mislead your customers!

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