Wizard's First Rule: People are stupid. They will believe a lie either because they want it to be true or because they're afraid it's true.
-Terry Goodkind
Lord Galen
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Black People, SHUT THE FUCK UP!
September 20, 2005

Since race is such a highly charged issue, let me make this little disclaimer. This rant is addressed to any black person who wishes to read it. If the things I'm bitching about don't apply to you, then I'm obviously not talking about you. However, if you're guilty of the shit I'm about to bitch about, then sit there and take it, bitch. When I say "you" in this rant, I'm referring to the blacks who are guilty of what I'm talking about. If you're not guilty, then I'm not fucking talking to you! I specify this because I just know I'll get 50 fucking e-mails from 50 different idiots who'll feel the need to point out to me that I'm generalizing and that "most black people aren't like that." No shit, asshole, of course I'm generalizing! And yes, I am targetting this rant at the minority of black people who are guilty of the topic at hand.

I hope Jesse Jackson reads this, cuz he's one of the top motherfuckers that this is going out to. Anyone who reads this website knows that I'm about as far from being a racist as anybody can get, so let's not even go there, alright? Don't start out the rant thinking "oh shit, it's another racist ass cracker." Telling it like it is doesn't make me a racist, but accusing me of being one because you don't like what I've got to say DOES make you one, asslick.

So here we go.

I am sick and fucking tired of hearing blacks constantly bitching that all the bad shit happens to them because they're black. I think it's about time you all got the fuck over it. Despite the fact that racism does still exist on a personal level for many people, it has been almost completely eradicated from the public level of this nation. You can't be forced to do anything differently than a white person. No seperate fountains, no back of the bus, no "you can't work here because you're black," none of that shit.

The trouble I'm seeing is that it tends to be black people who're on welfare, unemployed, and fucking high school dropouts who stand up and bitch the loudest about how the white man is keeping them down. Hey fucker, the white man didn't kick you out of school, the white man didn't tell you to sit on your lazy fucking ass all day and draw in that welfare check instead of getting a job, the white man didn't tell you to have 10 kids, and the white man isn't forcing you to live in a fucking ghetto. All of these things, if they apply to you, are YOUR PROBLEMS, not society's!

Look, I'm not being heartless here. If you're unemployed, then I'm sorry. If you're on welfare, I'm sorry. If you have 10 kids and can barely support them, then I'm damn sorry! I really am sorry for your bad lot in life, but one thing I'm not is responsible for it. I didn't do it to you and neither did any other white man. We all make choices in life and I'm not about to shoulder the blame for your shitty life any more than I would shoulder it for some sorry ass white motherfucker in the same boat. You have the life that your choices led you to and it's time you take responsibility for it.

And what about the successful black people like Jesse Jackson who bitch about these things too? The trouble is, that they're blaming whites for all the problems in other people's lives. Mr. Jackson sees some poor single black woman with 6 kids and wants to blame whitie for keeping her down. No, asshole, whitie didn't keep her down. Not using birth control and not giving a damn about herself kept her down.

Example. My wife has a little brother in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. He's a little black boy, 7 years old. Sweet wonderful kid and I love him to pieces. However, his mother is single with 7 kids (and another on the way). She's on welfare and living in the projects because she has no job and she lost her last house (in another project) because she wouldn't abide by the Housing Authority's rule that she couldn't have a man spending the night with her (Child Services wasn't too happy about that either). The woman is 25 years old. If anybody would like to e-mail me and tell me just how the fuck white people are responsible for where she's at, I'd really fucking love to hear it. She's fucking SORRY, that's why she's where she's at and I'll be damned if you're gonna pin that shit on me!

And because I know how many of you are going "OMG, Galen's a racist" let me point out that the only reason I'm even mentioning the race of the people who say these stupid things is because that's what THEY DO! Damn, 99% of the white people in this country are so fucking ashamed of the racist history we have that they genuinely just want to forget it and move on. Trouble is, we can't. If we don't go out of our fucking way to recognize and respect your blackness, you start shouting about how fucking racist we are! Excuse me, but isn't the point of equality supposed to be that we're all the SAME? Yet you wanna keep reminding me about how fucking different you are?

Here's your wake up call. You're black? SO FUCKING WHAT! That doesn't mean shit to me. I couldn't care less what color your skin is and, no, I'm NOT going to treat you differently because of something as stupid as a fucking color! This is the same problem that feminists and gay rights people have as well. Don't think it's just blacks, it's every minority really. You all keep screaming about wanting to be equal, yet you keep reminding us of how you're different. WHAT THE FUCK?!

You wanted equality? Well, you HAVE IT! Contrary to what Jesse Jackson seems to believe, equality isn't about what people think. Blacks have LEGAL and SOCIAL equality and, I'm sorry, but that's all the fuck we can give. We can't change people's minds no matter how much we want to and you're just gonna have to shut your fat fucking mouth and WAIT another generation or two for the racists to die off. Don't think it'll happen? Oh, I beg to differ. Out of my entire extended family, only 2 of us are not racists; me and a cousin of mine. The cousin is gay, so I guess he won't be producing any kids to raise in a more tolerant environment, but there's always me. As my kids grow up, being taught the values of equality and civil rights that I hold dear, the generation before me will be dying off. By the time my children have kids of their own, most of the racists in my extended family will be dead. Sure, they'll have spawned some more racists, but not as many as you might think. See, kids go to school and they get different ideas about the world than what their parents teach them. I grew up anti-racist, despite my family, and so will millions of other kids that have yet to be born. The problem is disappearing over the natural course of time and you just have to WAIT.

While I'm on this subject, lemme address the whole slavery issue. Once and for all, NO, I'm NOT responsible for what my great great great great great grandfather did to your great great great great great grandfather. I'm sorry my great(x5) grandfather cracked a whip over your great(x5) grandfather's back, but what the fuck has that got to do with me? I don't have any slaves and even if it were legal, I'm thinking some nice young white females would be much nicer to have around the house doing my bidding! So what the hell is all this shit about slavery all the time? Nobody wants slaves! Hell, even my racist ass fucking family has said to me that slavery was wrong and even that segregation was wrong! Slavery is OVER, ok? It was a long long time ago and ALL of the people responsible for it are DEAD! I'd wager that all of the people who ever even thought it was a good idea are now dead!

Surely someone will point out that the Klan still exists. Yeah, well, the Nazis are still around too, but I don't see any Jews ducking for cover, do you? In fact, anybody hear any Jews whining about how Nazis still exist so it's the white blue-eyed blond-haired man's fault when something bad happens to them? Hell, I'd say the Holocaust was at least as bad as slavery (if not worse) and the Jews don't run around parading it for us all to see so we'll feel sorry for them. And, I mean, even Jews who actually were in fucking concentration camps! They moved on with life and recognized that not ALL non-Jewish people were out to get them and that, in fact, not even a signifcant portion of them are.

Will racism ever die? Yup. Don't worry, prejudice will survive. Once the human race outgrows racism, there'll still be plenty of other menial pathetic things to discriminate against.

And while you whores are talking shit about how racist "the man" is, how 'bout we address YOUR fucking racism, hmm? I went to school and grew up in a predominantly black area. Wanna know what black people act like when they're the majority? Guess what, they act just like you fuckers accuse white people of acting. I couldn't even begin to tell you the number of times I was called "cracker" or "whitie" growing up. I also can't tell you the number of times groups of black kids harrassed and bullied me growing up for no other reason than the color of my skin. Maybe I should tell you about the time I got busted in the jaw or maybe the time I got picked up by my throat and strangled because "I'm sick of your white ass!" I wasn't always mean like I am now. In fact, I was quite a fuckin' pussy in school. What choice did I have though? If I had ever fought back, I'd have had 10 other black guys on my ass and they'd all call me a racist for having the nerve to take a swing at a black guy.

So what's my point there? I have 2 points. The first is that while you're shouting about how fucking racist some white people are, don't you DARE think for a single fucking second that blacks are any better! You have just as many racists among you as whites do, asshole. My second point is that I'm sick of hearing how we whites just can't understand what it's like for the black man. Hey, I get it asshole. I was treated like shit by black people because I'm white for years. I STILL don't think blacks were responsible for any of MY fucking problems and I'm STILL not a fucking racist. Yeah, some black people are dickholes, so what? I got the fuck over it. It's not like they're allowed to actually oppress me, now is it? I hope you see the point I'm driving at here!

To repeat the cliche, can't we all just get along? Seriously, why the fuck CAN'T we all just get along? Oh yeah, it's because you assholes keep trying to turn every damn thing into a racial issue. I'm not saying there aren't any racial issues, but I AM saying that about 80% of them are shit you fucktards made up because you have a massive persecution complex. Granted, that complex was right once upon a time, but IT ISN'T ANYMORE! Nobody is persecuting you, nobody is out to hold you down. Frankly, nobody gives a flying fuck about the black man anymore; and that's the way it SHOULD be. Nobody SHOULD be giving a damn what color you are!

So, here's my plan for the world. The white racists generally know to STFU anyway, but for those few loud mouths who haven't learned yet, my message to you is SHUT THE FUCK UP! Nobody cares. The black racists haven't yet learned to shut up, though. You still think that because whites were racist for so long that you're entitled to even the score. Hey, the scoreboard was cleared 30 years ago, idiot. Nobody gives a fuck anymore, so you can also SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Racism will completely die in this country just as soon as people stop paying attention to it. The Civil Rights battles against racism are over. All that's left now is for you IDIOTS to stop fanning the flames and just let it die its sad, slow, pathetic death. Racism will most likely be gone within my lifetime (and that's a bold statement considering I live in Georgia). It will die away, I swear it, but you have to LET IT DIE!

This rant, btw, was prompted by some bullshit about how the people in New Orleans weren't being helped after Hurricane Katrina because they're black. I'm sorry, but if you think that such blatant racism can possibly exist in the government in this day and age, then you're just fucking stupid and there's no help for you. George Bush wasn't slow to respond because he's racist, he was slow to respond because... well, he's fucking slow to respond in the head! He's an idiot! Why are you surprised that he did something idiotic?!

I could probably go on and on about this, but I'll stop now. Here's the bottom line, folks. Really and truly, from a white southern man, nobody cares that your blacks. Even the people I know who say "nigger this and nigger that" about every damn thing, they don't fucking care either! That's the amazing part that you're just not getting. Even most of the racists these days aren't all that racist really! Generally, they're just stupid!

And the fight against stupidity wages on.......

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