Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man's original virtue. It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and through rebellion.
-Oscar Wilde
Lord Galen
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Ageists At My Fucking School
May 26, 2005

After school today, I was walking 'my child' out to her bus as I often do. I said good-bye to her and proceeded back into the building. There's one bus that's always late every single day and the kids who ride that bus sit on the front steps to wait for their slack-ass bus driver to arrive. So, I have to navigate my way through them to come up the steps and back into the building. Today, as I was coming up, two little girls in the 2nd grade both grabbed onto my right leg to keep me from going anywhere. They were playing around and it was a cute little coordinated attack on me. They had me too; there was no damn way I could get loose without hurting them, but I had to get back inside and take care of some shit before I left, so I was telling them to let me go (laughingly, being playful with them).

Well, at the top of the steps a few feet from me were two 2nd grade teachers, one of which is a super ageist bitch...and boy did she decide to prove it. She just started fucking SCREAMING at those little girls because they had the audacity to fucking PLAY with me!

"Let him go! He's an adult, you don't do that to him! He is an adult! He is not one of your friends!" on and on and on... The phrase "He's an adult" must've been used 5 or 6 different times in one fucking breath.

It wasn't so much the words as the tone in which they were said. This bitch just fucking screamed at these two perfectly sweet little kids in a rude, mean, hateful tone and the way she said those things ("He's an adult!") was in the tone that said "He's your superior, how DARE you not treat him as such!"

You have no fucking idea how much I wanted to slap that goddamn bitch right down the fucking stairs! I tried to play it off and be cool by just kinda laughing and saying "Hey, speak for yourself, I'm not that old!" She started to respond with "Yeah, but you need to--" I don't know what the rest of her great wise statement about what *I need* to be doing was, because I turned around and walked away, yelling over my shoulder "No I don't!"

This is just the last fucking straw with me. I've almost always held my tongue because I like my job very much and I fear the telling a teacher to go fuck herself would cost me that job. Well, I think I've finally reached the point where tolerating blatant anti-youth BIGOTRY is a price that I am no longer willing to pay in order to keep my job. Basically, that's like accepting a check every month to compromise my principles. Not doing that any more; never should've done it in the first place. But, now that I've shown myself to be a valuable employee and someone who does have something to contribute to that school, I think it might be a lot easier now to open my big fucking mouth than if I had just gone in with the guns cocked. I did that same thing when I worked as a camp counselor too... My first year there, I was a pushover and didn't want to rock the boat. It was between that first and second year that "Lord Galen" was born from the dark recesses of my mind and during my second summer down there, it was well known that pissing me off was not the brightest move someone could make. I really think it's time that the teachers at my school get introduced to the Lord Galen side of me.

This is an ongoing problem though. It's not just this one isolated incident that has me so fucking pissed off, it's all of it. If I'm in a 2nd grade classroom for the day, I take a chair and sit on the opposite side of the storage building that the teachers sit next too. They sit beside the building because it provides shade. As much as I loathe the sunlight, I prefer sitting on the other side of the building directly in the sun instead of having to sit under that shelter with those fucking harpies! Why do I avoid them so much? Well, it's not that I dislike this ladies socially. In fact, if me and these women could be together in a social environment completely devoid of children or any mention of children, I'm sure I would like them just fine. The problem that I have with them is quite simple: I love and respect the children in my care, they don't. They are cold-hearted, callous, child-hating bitches. Shit, just today on the playground, I had to interecede on a girl's behalf with her teacher JUST so the kid could to to the fucking bathroom before she wet herself! The kid came to me in tears saying that she had to go to the bathroom and her teacher wouldn't let her go. The teacher's response when I told her "If you don't let this child go the bathroom, she's gonna wet herself." was an angry "She's already been to the bathroom 3 times today!" Well, dumbass, apparently she needs to go a fourth time!!!!!!! By the way, this "no bathroom" teacher was the same one who pissed me off at the end of the day with that incident on the front steps. Let's give her a name. We'll call her "Mrs. Wall" because talking to her is like talking to a fucking wall!

Mrs. Wall wasn't really a bad lady in years past. She has, sadly, fallen under the influence of another 2nd grade teacher who is an absolutely evil woman that despises children on every level. We'll call her "Mrs. Brick" (dumb as a...). Mrs. Brick, you see, has a tendancy to scream at and belittle her students for absolutely everything. Not only that, but she hits them too. Not long ago, a student ran from Mrs. Brick and hid behind my wife for protection. Mrs. Brick was chasing the little girl down the hall with a yard stick, trying to beat her. My wife protected the child and wound up in a shouting match with the old Brick because of it.

Some of you may wonder how Mrs. Brick still has a job. Well, I've got a simple answer for you: She has a boyfriend in a high place. She's been to court a few times for abusing kids, yet she still has a fucking job. The principal is afraid of her and the Superintendant thinks she's just a fucking great teacher. That's alright though...her day is coming. We're all just waiting for the day that she hits the wrong damn child and some parent fucks her up. Or maybe I'll get to. I've never actually witnessed her hitting a child myself, only heard about it. If she makes the mistake of hitting a child in my presence, she's through.

But, back to the central topic of that ageist fuck, Mrs. Wall. One of the worst aspects of her bullshit was that she managed to lay it on me too. She just had to say "He's an adult! He doesn't want you doing that to him!" Fuck her! Tomorrow morning, I plan to take both of those children aside and apologize to them for the way they were treated by that bitch. I will tell them that they did absolutely nothing wrong.

I'm sick of ageist fucking bitches. I've had my fill of them and they're about to get introduced to a side of me that they'll wish they'd never met.

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