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Sex Offender Registry
November 5, 2005

Murderers, con artists, and perpetrators of various violent crimes generally serve their sentences and then walk away with the chance to start a new life or to offend again and go right back to jail. Somehow, murder and other violent acts seem to pale in comparison to sexual offenses where our legal system is concerned. That very notion stands logic on its head, but such is our society.

The problem with the Sex Offender Registry is that it's bullshit. A young lady told me just the other night about a friend of her's who was sent to prison for sleeping with his 15yo girlfriend when he was 16 (the Age of Consent here in Georgia is 16). After this young man's prison sentence is up, he'll be placed on the Sex Offender Registry, most likely for the rest of his life. Then, we see the case of that Duncan guy (the one who kidnapped and raped 8yo Shasta Groene and her brother Dylan). He spent almost 20 years in prison for raping a boy at gunpoint. When he was let out, he went on the Sex Offender Registry for the rest of his life.

My question is: Just what the fuck are these two men doing on the same registry?

And thus we have our problem and the reason why the SoR is Grade-A BULLSHIT. The SoR relegates a consentual sexual act to the same realm as it does a violent brutal rape. And guess what else? If the first guy I talked about moved into your neighborhood, you'd be informed that he's a Sex Offender. They'd tell you exactly the same thing as if Mr. Duncan had moved into your neighborhood. And you'd keep your kids far away from that first guy just like you would with Duncan. Am I the only one who sees a fucking problem with that?

The SoR doesn't work because our government trivializes sexual crimes while trying to make them more serious! How can we take the Registry seriously when a guy who sleeps with his girlfriend is classed the same as a guy who rapes someone at gunpoint?!

I'm not entirely opposed to the SoR; not at all. What I'm opposed to is the way it's run. It's a joke; A FUCKING MOCKERY! As a matter of fact, I think registries should be used for ALL violent crimes, not just the sexual ones! If a guy moves into my neighborhood who once grabbed a 12yo's tit when he was drunk, I'm gonna get to know about it, but if a guy moves into my neighborhood who strangled and gutted people, I don't get to know about that? Guess which one I'd rather know about!

Non-violent crimes DO NOT belong on the Sex Offender Registry at all!

I know an old man who is mentally challenged. Not being mean, he really is a genuine retard. He is on the sex offender registry because he gave a blow job to the 13yo boy who coerced him into doing it! What the fuck?! Seems to me that they have the victim/perpetrator mixed up in that situation. Doesn't matter that the guy was an adult, he's frickin' retarded and easily outwitted by a 13yo. Yet because of his age (and nothing more), he's considered the bad guy. Fuck that!

Put all violent criminals on a Registry, period. That's the answer. To hell with the guy who slept with his girlfriend and I really don't give too much of a rat's ass about the drunk guy who thought he was climbing in bed with his wife when he reached over and patted his daughter's ass under the covers. What I care about are people who use force and inflict pain on others. Whether it's the sexual kind or not makes no difference, they are equally as vile! The young man who beats the shit out of a store clerk while robbing him is 10 times more fucking dangerous than the guy who flashed a 15yo girl, you fucking morons! Yet why is that guy not on any registry? Why don't I get to know about HIM moving in next door to me? No, instead, I get to hear about the fucking flasher and "oh, he's a sex offender, he'll rape your kids, keep them safe." No the fuck he won't! If he's not a violent offender, I don't give a fuck. If he flashes my kids, they're not gonna give a rat's ass because they won't be indoctrinated to think that nudity is some big deal. They'll just say "seen it, don't care" and keep going.

"Oh no, Galen's defending perverts again." No, not at all. What I'm saying is that perverts are not the only people we have to worry about and I'm sick and fucking tired of our government acting like they're the worst of the worst! Here's a newsflash for you illiterate cunts: There *are* worse things than rapists and child molesters out there! Not many, but they're there. If a guy's in jail for beating up women, I'd really like to know when he gets out, but unless he raped them too, I'll never hear about it. My wife, being all trusting and shit, could just go over and welcome him to the neighborhood or something! You wouldn't send your daughter over to greet a child molester, would you? Nope, and thanks to the SoR, you don't have to make that mistake. So, how 'bout the rest of us gets some protection from the OTHER bad guys out there?

Bottom line: Put ALL of the dangerous motherfuckers on a registry and leave the non-violent offenders ALONE! They fucked up, made a mistake, whatever. Let them get on with their lives!

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