Affection can no more spoil a child than the sun could be put out by a bucket of gasoline.
-L. Ron Hubbard
Lord Galen
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You Dumbasses
By: Ayla
Jan. 3, 2005

The one thing that I can't stand today are these little punks who run around ranting about shit that they have no clue about. They come in all races, ages, genders et cetera... These little asshats who rant about the U.S. government without even bothering to get to tell the truth about the situation

Granted, I hate our president just as much as the other person, but at least I have the intelligence necesary to form a decent argument against him.

The first thing you do is state real facts. For instance if you want to rip Bush about the economy, you don't start screaming about a 7 trillion dollar deficit that doesn't exist. Thats bullshit. The deficit is one half trillion. Am I proud of that? Hell no. But there is a big differance between .5 and 7! Get it right and people might take you seriously.

Second state all the facts. One good example of where this was neglected was the draft scare earlier this year. There was a site called which pinned 100% of the blame on Bush for the possible draft that never came. Despite the fact that two democrats were the ones to propose the bills in the first place. They were also the only two to vote in favor of the bills. No matter how many times this was stated the people on this site, they refused to believe that the draft wasn't going to happen or that Bush had no intentions of it. (That site shut down in November, after the bills crashed and burned. Interesting though that the site itself was registered and run by an Austrailian.)

Third, if you're going to state something controversial then site your sources for your information to at the very least verify that its legitimate. For instance, screaming that 95% of the worlds species are going to die off without any sources, is only going to make people think that you're just an emo kid pissing and moaning on the internet again.

Fourth; Proper grammar would be nice...Fuckface.

Fifth, it would help if you took the time to understand that there are two sides to every situation. Sometimes more. Yes, what happened in Abu Ghraib (Spell it right douche bag) was disgusting, and personally I had hoped before then, that the United States was much more civil in dealing with prisoners. (Hint; The picture of the dog in the guys face was a scare tactic. He was never in any harm. Its the pictures of naked men piled on top of one another, with thier faces in each others genitals that pisses me off) But remember that there are people who were in Iraq that had there heads cut off with dull blades, on tape. Theres also the little fiasco where four contractors were blown up and their chared bodies dragged through the streets. Guess what? Atrocities are happening on both sides. Get the fuck over it.

And the final thing that pisses me off about you bitches is thats all you do! Bitch! You don't protest, alot of you with your pessimistic attitudes don't vote (Galen as an example), all you do is write these little rants, that are so filled with bullshit no one bothers reading passed the first paragraph.

Here's a bit of information for you morons who decided not to vote. Bush won by 8 million votes. Thats not alot, by no means is it a landslide. Have any of you dipshits stopped bitching enough to realize that if you had all gotten together and voted, he might not have beeen voted back into office!?

People are complaining right now that the election was a '51 to 49' win. It wasn't. Only 60% of the possible electorate voted! It wasn't 51 to 49 it was more like 31 to 29! Again, if you bitches would've voted we might not have Bush for another 4 years.

This rant was inspired by Fuck the Country and Fuck the Government

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