Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped.
-Elbert Hubbard
Lord Galen
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Ungrateful Fucks
By: Xavier A Kadafi
May 23, 2005

All right, ya'll.. Xav's back to bitch s'more because he had a really fucking shitty day. Now normally, I don't get on the internet and bitch just because I had a shitty day. If I had a shitty day, I just deal and it's no biggy the next morning.. Now this'll probly be no biggy tomorrow morning, but I want to strangle somebody right about now, so I'm ranting. Don't like it? Don't read it. I really could give a fuck.

Anyways, a couple of weeks ago, my buddy tells me he's gonna be moving sometime soon. Of course, as people always do when they move, he asked if we'd help. Well, fuck I've been to his house once, met his dad and really he always comes to my house. But being the stupid son of a bitch that I am, I was nice and said I'd help, but he'd have to ask the other person (a friend of mine who's been living with me for quite some time). Now of course, being that we don't usually have shit to do anyways, he agreed to help. Now, yesterday he calls and asks me to be up and ready at 8am.. Kinda laughed really fuckin' hard right then, but I told him that if he was gonna be there in the morning to wake me up, I'd have no problem. Well, as a typical teenager, I said fuck it and stayed up til 4am because I was having fun playing video games.

Now, he wakes me up an hour late, which worked fine for me because that means I'm running on 5 hours of sleep (typical for me on a school day anyways).. We get there, kind of chill for a minute and play with his ankle biter. Meet everybody and his dumb bitch of a step mom leaves for their other house.. Works fine for me. We started loading shit, a couple tables, chairs, fridge, stove, etc. Now, there's shit still on everything waiting to be packed and we end up getting basically most of the living room, dining room, and kicthen clear of large items before the naggy bitch gets back. By the way, the prick had to live in a second story apartment so we're lugging all this shit down the steps that're cracking as we step on them (literally). This was seriously a bitch of a move, but not too bad. We were a bit confused as to what to do, because we didn't know what to do with the shit sittin on the remaining furniture and we didn't know what else we could move.. so we stand around for a little while and are talking.. As soon as the bitch walks in the fucking door, she's bitching at us because we're just standing around and we could be moving stuff (um, what exactly?).. Just kind of bit my tongue and moved on.. Started moving shit and packing shit on the truck as soon as it was ready for us.. Helped em load everything.. Now, the bitch tells us we're heading to the other house now and she's gonna lock the door behind us. So, guess what we do? Grab the last couple of things that are coming with us in my buddy's car and go down the stairs (with our hands full of shit) load it in the car and sit in it.

Apparently the bitch had a cat locked in the bathroom that they were really worried about getting out. well, with our hands full of shit and thinking that she was coming down behind us to lock the door, we didn't even think about it and forgot to close it. Well, the bitch comes out as we're sitting in the car, flipping out about her god damned cat, because it managed to get out of the bathroom. She starts calling us fucking dip shits and a bunch of fuckin' mean ass names because we forgot to close the damned door. Well, I'm really ready to knuckle this bitch by now. But, I'm nice and I just ignored her. Fuckin' retards find the cat inside after flipping thinking about it getting out, and we leave. So we get to their new house and start to unload shit Got a couple of tables and some heavy ass boxes when the pizza arrives.. We all sit down and start to eat.. But she's out back playing with her damned dog (didn't bother me one bit). Now of course, my buddy's dad tells her to come in and eat with us. So the bitch comes in and then minutes later she's calling us fucking nasty names and shit again over her damned cat because we didn't close a mother fucking door. At this point I'm really ready to just bust her in her fucking jaw. Well, after we eat, we get back to lugging all of this heavy shit back into their new house (thankfully only one story). of course, most of the heavy boxes and etc. is all her shit, and she also has a dresser filled with clothes, bed, etc. etc. etc. Now we unload this truck almost all the way and give her fucking retarded ass time to put her bed frame back together before we put her matress in the house. Now, this mattress is really fuckin' big and it didn't have any means of handles. Pick the damned thing up and the whole walk to the house, the god damned thing is tilting and falling on us, and by now my arms're tired and I'm fuckin' ready to be done. Get the fuckin' thing in the house and she's spazzing over the way I'm holding her god damned mattress.. As if I was going to rip the fucking thing. IT'S A GOD DAMNED MATTRESS BITCH, IT WON'T RIP FROM ME HOLDING YOUR SPECIAL SOFT CUSSION.

Then, we finally get to the very back of the truck, get the boxes and bags off the shelf part, and bring them in (all her shit once more). Now, finally we get the chance to sit down for a little bit. Mind you, we're sweating, tired, and all around sore. This dumb bitch, of course, didn't do shit (Yeah, like she would...). And then she has the nerve to bitch about a couple of holes in some mother fucking bags. This just finally pushed me to the point where I stopped helping. I didn't give a rats ass. I just stopped.

That's the story of my day, now, here's my rant.

Of course, we didn't get paid to help them move (although hiring hands would have been $15-$20/hour per person (took from 10-5, total of $105-$140 for just one of us)). We weren't expecting to be paid anyways.. We offered our help not expecting pay, and that's fine. It would have been a nice gesture, but that doesn't bother me one bitch. I didn't expect pay, I'm not going to bitch about them being ingrateful because of money when I offered to help. Why should I? Now, my friend's dad was cool, no problems. He had some good advice and was an all around good guy. But that step mom. Oh my fucking god do I want to kill that bitch right now. Of course, got a thank you, but it was more directed at her family that came, and she just included everybody to make it simpler.

Anyways, who the fuck is this bitch to try and snap at us for shit while we're moving when we were helping her for FREE?! Sure the bitch fed us, but we could've god damned moved one or two things to earn the pizza and wings we got. Not that I don't appreciate the food, but still. God damn. We sweat our asses off and worked fucking hard and the whole time she's fucking bitching at us. We do 7 hours of hard labor to help this bitch move without any god damned pay, and all she does is bitch at us. We're tired, sore, and ready to just say fuck you and walk home, and all she does is keep bitching. Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch.. Oh my fucking god does she know how to do anything else? May I ask what the fuck is wrong with her? Could somebody please tell me? Honestly? Somebody inform me why she had to be such an ungrateful fuck? How many of you have bitch at somebody when they were doing you a great favor? Fuck, who the fuck is this bitch to bitch at us when she didn't fucking move shit until it got in the house and most of the time, it was sliding a bookshelf against a wall.

The next thing that's really irking me lately are the fucks who have to bitch about every new thing that comes out. You have a new Xbox 360 and PS3 coming to the market soon. Now, I of course, would love to have one, and I plan on getting one. Now, if you don't want one, then don't get one.. I personally appreciate what they're doing for the gaming industry, moving it forward the best the company's can and answering the gamers wants/needs. Now, of course there will be critics, but nothing is worse than somebody spazzing on you for liking the systems. They go into these big rants on conspiracy theories of the companies really destroying the industry and etc. SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DON'T BUY IT THEN! If you don't like it, fine, be ungrateful for the advancements in gaming. If you don't like it, don't buy it, but shut the fuck up and leave me alone. Next, there's sites like where they bitch and bitch and bitch about the sequel to Bungie's Halo. Of course, many many people agree that Halo is a better game, and in some cases it may be. But Halo 2, is much more challenging and fun (in my opinion). Now instead of just playing their Halo and moving on with their lives.. These people have to bitch and be ungrateful. The staff at bungie puts hours and hours of work into creating a game that they hope will please everybody, but you have to be special and unique and they didn't please you because they pleased everybody. Of course they're out to get your money, but either way, be greatful that they at least thought of what you wanted. Next is the new set of Halo 2 maps and the updates to the game that everybody has to bitch about. These maps are or will soon be offered to all xbox live members for free and the updates already are. No charge to you, Bungie put countless hours into updating the game to better play for you and include new content to make the game better. Well, everybody has to bitch. They don't like what Bungie did.. So uninstall the updates and play offline.. Of course, the problem is they can't play online without the updates.. Well tough god damned shit. Bungie updated the game for the current players enjoyment. They're not increasing sales because of the updates. This is all for the players. Yes they make a little bit of money off the players who choose to purchase the levels before they're offered for free, but all of the levels will be offered for free. Stop being a prick, god damn. Be happy about it. Stop bitching about what's wrong and look for the good for one fucking time, please.

My step mom's a lot like this.. Every summer I go down there and she gives me a list of chores she wants me to do each day while she's at work.. Now, if I get them all done and just relax, guess what.. She bitches because I didn't do shit all day.. what the fuck is wrong with people? Honestly? Why can't you be happy and grateful for once? No.. it's never enough for any of you.. I'm with Galen.. All of you can rot in hell.

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