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Lord Galen
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Trenchcoat Rebuttal
By: William Wallace
April 15, 2005

Note: This was originally posted on Willy's Blog. It's reposted here with his permission.

Ok, time to choke a bitch who thinks he can own me. So a dumb mother fucker who has penis size issues, bad eyes, bad breath, an ugly fuckin mug, and an egghead who calls himself "lord galen" wrote this dumbass mother fuckin Rant about me. OK, we got this bitch who wears a trenchcoat and shaves his head. Woo. Then he screams about his mother fucking Individuality. He has about the same amount of "individuality", note the quotes assholes, as the lameass Goths that run about the mall shrieking their individuality and then buying the SAME fucking spikes and boots that EVERY fucking Goth in the city wears. Holy fucking shit, you're individual. In 99.99999% of the public's eyes, you look like mother fucking goddamn NEO. So quit bitching you dumbshit. You look like Neo, everyone thinks you look like Neo. If you wear a Police Officer's uniform, people will think you're a Officer. PISS on your dumbass individuality. You look like thousand of pale, pasty bitches out there in coats and that's fucking it. Don't like it? I don't give a shit. Sure, maybe your twisted up little brain thinks Trenchcoats are just cool but guess what, no one else gives a shit! You're one of the many other assholes that wear coats because they want to look badass. Also, wear some fucking contacts you dipshit. There ARE contacts that work like sunglasses, after all.

Oh, now you don't want to look like Maddox? Guess what, rants like yours are a dime a dozen, even if YOU weren't influenced by him. Maybe if you wanted to appear better to the general public you should actually write intelligent articles that aren't just big, steaming, smelly packs of BULLSHIT. Yeah, individuality reigns supreme on your site. Just what we need, another self-opinionated, I'm the king of my World, dyed-in-the-wool, grade A bastard. Millions of em out there, folks, so the first thing that pops into the average person's head is "maddox wannabe".

Here's a gem from there:

"But, NO, that can't be it! I just HAVE to be "trying to be" like someone else! Get this through your thick little heads, you small-minded, dick-head, inferior little shits: I AM ME! I know it's hard to fucking deal with because almost no one knows how to be anything without a movie telling them what to be, but there are still a few of us out there who don't give a flying fuck about what's "popular." "

Sure...you're you alright. You dumb bastard. What the general public thinks is more important than one man's opinion, even if he's right. Jesus Christ was a prime example. Wear your fucking trenchcoat, and DEAL with the shit you put up with, you fucking deserve it. That's the price you pay. Bitch.

No doubt he will write another badly thought out, self-important, retarded, and ego-building rant about me to make his E-penis bigger and improve his Popularity on the internet. Who fuckin cares? This is the first and last time I'm tackling his bitch ass.

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