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-Terry Goodkind
Lord Galen
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St. Patrick's Day
By: Cartoon Goddess
March 9, 2005

Yes, Saint PATRICK'S Day, St. PAT'S, or St. PADDY'S Day. It is NOT St. PATTY'S Day!! Patty is one of Marge's sisters in the Simpsons, not a short form of Patrick. When the hell did everyone start saying "St. Patty's"? Not in my part-Irish house growing up!!

There was no big celebration for Saint Patrick's Day in Ireland. St. Patrick is their patron Saint and all, so they did notice his feast day, but not the same way as in America. The holiday was celebrated with such excess and parades by Irish Immigrants who were missing their homeland. So if the holiday is to remember their homeland, obviously people who are still living there don't need to remember it. They've only started making a big deal out of it because of all the Americans going over to Dublin on March 17th saying "Where's the parade?"

A shamrock has 3 leaves, not 4. Yes a 4-leaf clover is lucky, but not the symbol of the Irish, it's the symbol of the New Jersey Lottery. The 3 leaves of the shamrock were used by Saint Patrick to explain the Trinity to the pagan Irish back in the day. One leaf for the Father, one for the Son, and one for the Holy Spirit. There's no fourth leaf for luck in that clover.

So get it RIGHT or I'll sic the leprechauns on ya!

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