Take the risk of thinking for yourself. Much more happiness, truth, beauty, and wisdom will come to you that way.
-Christopher Hitchens
Lord Galen
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I Quit
By: Ayla
Feb. 19, 2005

Yes people. I quit. I quit public education, I quit being told what to learn and what not to learn, I quit allowing myself to be ordered around, I quit dealing with power tripping teachers, I quit trying to memorize facts because thats what you want me to do and I quit crying every fucking time my report card comes in. And last but not least I quit having to listen to my father give me a lecture about the importance of public school in my life when we both know I've proved the contrary. If public education had thier way I'd be in all core level classes right now learning in a box of a classroom with a bunch of other kids of my sentiment.

And it's my fault. Yes, 100% of the blame is mine. I never did my homework, I always zoned off in class, I skip class occassionally. Its not the schools fault that I lack the ability to memorize every fucking little detail that they shove in front of me. I have the ability to memorize, in fact in history class I never studied I just memorized what was on the board.

But that was because history interested me.

Its my fault I had to be sent to special education. If I had just conformed and molded my mind to whatever the hell the school wanted me to mold it into when I was younger I wouldn't be here, eyes moist, because the inferiority complex I feel right now is about to rip me apart.

Had I just listened to what those posters said about how attitude effects school achievement I'd be in all AP's right now being praised by my teachers. Hell had I realized that my resource teacher is the soveriegn one and not me I would be an example student.

Too fucking bad I don't work that way.

Who knows maybe if I had conformed I wouldn't have to deal with my nazi guidence counselor giving me glares every time I tried to challange myself in this school system.

I quit failing my tests and quizzes after hours of hard study. I quit getting C's I quit being shafted intellectually and I quit being lumped in with a demographic of student who can barely read because of my grades.

Fuck you.

Dad -- You'll get over it. You didn't like it when my sister became a CNA but you got over it when you saw she was happy. I've bent over backwords trying to make you happy all these years, do this for me.

Mom -- School is only half the reason why I feel like this. Had you been a mother, taken care of me, and protected me from that ape of a husband I wouldn't be here right now. And don't tell me that I'm stupid for deciding to drop out of highschool when your husband's a dropout himself.

To my guidence counselor -- essen Sie Scheiße und sterben Sie Sie nazi Weibchen.

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