The government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion.
-Treaty of Tripoli
Article 11 (1797)
Lord Galen
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Fred Phelps Is A Fucking Asshole
By: Max
October 23, 2005

For those of you that don't know who Fred Phelps is, he is the Southren Baptist Preacher who is the definition of homophobe/discriminatory asshole.

He is the man who runs

He is the man who protested Matthew Shepherds funeral. Matthew Shepherd was beaten, tortured, dragged behind a truck, and left out to die for 18 fucking hours.Why? because he was gay.

People were mourning that. And Fred Phelps fucking protested! Why? Because his funeral service was held in a church. Since god hates fags, Matthew Shepherd must be going to hell, right? Thats what Fred Phelps thinks. He thinks that Matthew Shepherd is going to be in hell for 7 years, so he has a calendar on his page counting down the days until Matthew Shepherd is going to heaven.

And being the arrogant asshole he is, Fred Phelps must think he's going to heaven, right? Yep. What thesis does he have for this?? Seriously, how can Fred Phelps even think he's going to heaven??

Isn't LOVING THY NEIGHBOR one of the Ten Commandments??

I don't think celebrating deaths of people who live an alternate lifestyle is exactly loving.

As I recall, Jesus was a pacifist.

I don't belive in christianity in any form, don't get me confused, but I wonder how many years you get in hell for hypocrisy? I know that if I believed, I'd be getting a few, but while I was down there, I'd go over and punch Fred Phelps in the fucking face.

Now, I know I should be trying to be nice about this, fogiving Phelps in a sense, but this man deserves to die.

For further reference to pissing Fred Phelps off, check out "Micheal Moore's Awful Truth: Season One." When they get to the episode containing the "Sodomobile" (second or third one on the first disc, i believe) I suggest you watch it.

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