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-Carl Sagan
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Ban Bannage of PDA!
By: Max
September 12, 2005

Ok. So at my school, the Nazi teachers just initiated a ban on PDA's (hugging, holding hands, etc.) I can see how teachers don't want kids making out in class or having sex during lunch, etc., but it stops there.

Here's a list of things that should be allowed:

1) Hugging. How do they get away with banning hugging? What if some kid's mom just died and their dad was brutally raped by a gorilla? Can people not show support to the kid? Or is the kid gonna be crying at lunch, having people giving him reassuring hugs and some teacher comes up and sends him to dentention? "No Hugging! You just chose to go to dentention!" "But my mom just died from cancer and my dad was brutally raped by a gorilla!" "That's not my fault. Come on, off to dentention with you."

Heartless bastards.

2) Holding Hands. OK, so maybe kids shouldn't be holding hands in class, but all other times, I don't see why they shouldn't. I mean, If you're not going to let a couple hug or show affection for each other, they should let them hold hands. Its not going to spread AIDS or anything. Plus, if a couple can't show affection for each other, there's a good chance they'll break up.

Congratulations, assholes. You just broke up a perfectly good relationship.

3) Linking Arms. A favorite pasttime of schoolkids of all ages between classes. Sure, it might intimidate other kids who may have to walk through the link. Big fucking deal. If you can't walk through a group of people with linked arms, you need to go back to elementary school and learn how to play red rover.

OK, I'm done. And I hope some school people will happen to read this. Remember, school sucks enough already, don't make it worse by eliminating the only thing we have left..our affection for our classmates/friends.

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