When great changes occur in history, when great principles are involved, as a rule the majority are wrong.
-Eugene V. Debs
Lord Galen
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Jan. 1, 2005

Dear Galen

My mom, my teachers, and a shitload of other adults are always bitching a me to "pull up your pants!" What's the big fucking deal if I want to wear my pants hanging low? Lots of people do it and it's the style. Plus, aren't I free to express myself however I want? What about the 1st Amendment?

-Saggin' in Ohio

Dear Saggin'

Yes, you're free to express yourself in whatever manner you see fit, however I must ask you, just what the hell is your ass crack or your underwear supposed to be expressing? And even if you don't show anything, just what is low-hung pants supposed to express? Your "individuality?" Right... you and about 10 million other people are all great big "individuals" eh?

Maybe it's just comfortable? Hey, I've tried wearing my pants like that, just to experience it firsthand before I go running my mouth about it. It ain't comfortable! I work with kids, dude, and I've watched these boys walk around with one hand constantly on their waist band to keep their pants from just falling down around their ankles. How the fuck can that be comfortable?!

Maybe you just like how it looks? Yeah, well maybe I like how a pink tutu looks on me, but that don't mean I'm gonna wear one! Lots of stupid shit can look good on you, but it's still dumb as hell.

Look, you wear what you want to wear, ok. Don't give a fuck what other people say about it or think about it and just fuckin' be you. If dressing like every other retard in the country is how you "be you" then fine. Just don't expect me to like it and don't expect me not to laugh at you for looking like you need your mommy to help you get dressed in the morning. Why don't you put your shoes on the wrong feet, your shirt on inside-out and backwards, and your socks on your hands while you're at it.

Pants are fucking DESIGNED to be worn around the waist, asshole! If you can't wear shit the way it's MADE to be worn, then don't expect any sympathy from me.

Oh and if I run up behind you and snatch your pants down, don't say a fucking word! You were asking for it! Honestly, I'm sick of this damn trend. It sucked when it started and now, about 10 years later, it still sucks. It doesn't look good, it's not comfortable, it's not expressing a goddamn thing, so why the fuck do you idiots keep doing it?!

I'll tell you why: Because adults won't shut the fuck up about it! You keep doing it because it pisses people off! Hey, now THAT I can respect! That's right, now I'm talking to all the adults out there. Hey, here's an idea, how 'bout if you find something more pressing to concern yourselves with than the size of your kids' pants! I already said that I don't like it, but do you see ME trying to pass dress codes (and even fucking LAWS!) to prevent them from doing it? Hell fuckin' no you don't! You morons just keep it up and this "style" is never gonna disappear! Great fuckin' job, adults, for keeping the trend alive - IDIOTS!

Anyway, Mr. Saggin', you just keep wearing whatever the hell you want however you want. I'll keep hating it and it'll keep meaning not one damn thing because it's not my fucking concern what you wear or how you wear it! As long as I'm not staring down your ass crack, I couldn't give a fuck less!


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