There is no knowledge that is not power.
-Mortal Kombat 3
Lord Galen
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November 2, 2005

Dear Galen,

You sure do swear a lot for someone who claims to be so superior and intelligent. How can you call yourself better than everybody else when you talk like some ignorant brute? I think that the way you behave on your website and the things you say and how you say them says a lot about the kind of person you are.


Dear anonymous person,

You seem to be suffering from the errant belief that a person's vocabulary is somehow defining of their intelligence level. That makes you a stupid bitch. Whether or not someone swears all the fucking time has got NOTHING to do with how intelligent they may be. That is a MYTH!

Yes, I know, it's a common fucking belief that the use of profanity immediately pegs someone as being kinda "low brow." Like most "common knowledge" it's bullshit and based on nothing more credible than some idiot stereotype. Sure, it may be a good indicator of intelligence if the ONLY thing someone can do is express themself in a profane way. However, MOST people have a good mix going on. I, for example (since I'm the one you accuse of being a dumbass), have a pretty extensive vocabulary. I know lots of big fancy fucking words and even happen to enjoy the study of English (grammar, usage, etc.). With that being the case and since I DO know how to express myself without profanity, just what the fuck is wrong with me choosing to include profanity in my vocabulary?

I like swearing, bitch! I find it to be wonderfully expressive. Swearing combined with my already extensive "proper" vocabulary does nothing but give me even more avenues of expressing myself. That's what it's all about: Expression! I don't like having my vocabulary limited in ANY way. Being told to "watch my mouth" is a fucking insult to me and my freedom of speech! To me, saying that there's something wrong with me saying "fuck" 50 times a minute is no better than forbidding me from saying "ostentatious." That's a good word to describe you, by the way.... do you need to look it up? How about a synonym? "Pretentious" is a good one.... Want another synonym? How 'bout "bitch?" Yeah, that's the best one. Bitch definately works best for you. Or, we could combine them and call you something that describes you in the best way possible: An ostentatious bitch!

See, now wasn't that fun? I could've just stuck to a big fancy non-vulgar word OR I could've used a low-brow "colorful" word. Instead, I decided that combining the two gave the most effective description of a loser crack whore who sends me anonymous e-mails to call me stupid for using words that she doesn't like. I say "she" but I guess you could be a guy. Somehow, I don't think so though, so I'll just keep calling you a chick, cuz even if you're a dude, you act like you're PMSing.

Lemme bottom-line it for you. I'm more intelligent than you and I have a more extensive vocabulary than you because I refuse to leave out ANY form of expression that could suit my purposes! There is no such thing as an invalid way to express one's self. Any form of self expression is perfectly fine and if YOU don't like it, that makes it YOUR problem, now doesn't it?

I've said this before, but it bears repeating: The entire concept of "bad words" is fucking retarded. You have no business putting your bullshit labels on somebody else's art form (and, yes, I consider the use of profanity to be a fine art).

With that in mind, I hereby postulate that perhaps your time would be best served by embarking on a quest to have solitary intimate relations. In other words, I think you should go fuck yourself.

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