A person's a person, no matter how small.
-Dr. Suess
Lord Galen
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Lesbian's Parents
May 23, 2005

[ Note: Before reading this DG Letter, make sure you've read Lesbian Needs Help. This is an e-mail I received from the young girl's parents not long after posting that letter. ]

Dear Galen

I came across your website while looking through my daughter's surfing history. You put a letter from her on your website under the title "Lesbian Needs Help." I can assure you that my daughter is not a lesbian, she is confused and that is all. I can understand how you might see us as mistreating our child, but that is not the case. We are trying our best to help our very confused little girl.

After reading the response you wrote to this confused impressionable child, I am absolutely appalled. She has taken your horrible advice and become openly defiant to us, which has only worsened her situation as we now see no other choice but to send her to an institution where she can get the proper help she needs.

Reading more of your site, I discovered that not only are you an adult, but a teacher! You should be ashamed of yourself for taking the word of a child and giving out such damaging advice. I'm sure you do not act this way towards your students, else you would no longer have a job.

According to the laws that govern children on the Internet, a twelve year old can't participate on a website without her parent's consent. We have blocked your website from our home computer and complained to AOL about you. I request that you remove my daughter's letter and your malicious reply from your website immediately or we will take legal action against you.

I hope that you will respect the law and the wishes of the adults in our daughter's life. She is too young to understand all of this and certainly too young to know when someone like you gives her very bad advice. We are her parents and we know what is best for her, not you. You are a total stranger and we want you to stay out of our daughter's life.

Reverend ***** K. ******** [name omitted by Galen]

[ And here is the reply sent to him ]

Rev. ********

First of all, whether or not your daughter is "really" a lesbian or not is completely irrelevant and not something I intend to debate with you. Even if she *is* just a "confused little girl" your response was still inhuman. You treated your own child like shit and shame on YOU for that! You want to send her to some cold abusive institution now? Way to be an absentee parent. Although with your brand of parenting, being beaten and starved at one of those horrid places might actually be better for her. Do you know how many of those facilities treat the kids under their care like animals, all while successfully convincing you that there's nothing wrong? After all, would you believe her if she said that her broken nose came from a punch to the face by a staff member or would you believe the staff member who says she started a fight with another resident (inmate). These kids can all be very easily abused since their parents aren't going to believe a damn word they say anyway. You send your daughter to such a place and it's your SOUL you'd better be worried about!

I'm happy to hear that she's taken my advice to heart and stopped paying heed to your fanatic lunacy. You and your wife are insane and you're making her insane as well. I notice that for all your lecturing of me, you didn't once bother to DENY anything she wrote about you. Obviously, lying would be against your beliefs (though I thought treating your kid like dirt was too). I hope she continues to defy every ignorant peice of bullshit anti-gay propoganda that you try to force down her throat.

You mentioned my role as a teacher. Sir, if one of my students told me the story your daugher did, you're right that I would not be giving her advice. I'd be on the phone with Social Services and every Gay Rights group I could think of.

Have you ever considered allowing this "phase" to run it's course? If it's just a phase and she's just confused, then what have you got to be so afraid of? And if it's not a phase, then what right do you have to change the person that God made her to be? You talk about her age and belittle her status because she is a child, but I seem to recall the Bible stating the 12 is the age at which one's sins begin to count against them because 12 is the age at which God recognizes one's ability to judge right from wrong. That being the case, isn't your daughter's "sin" between her and God? Why don't you butt out and let the Almighty do what He's gonna do?

You are quite correct about the laws that govern children on the Internet. However, all I have is an anonymous form submission from someone claiming to be a 12yo girl and then an e-mail from someone claiming to be that girl's father. I traced your IP address and then did a Google search on your name and your city. I found no Reverend by that name. Maybe your church is just not online, or maybe Google just doesn't list it's website. But, as it stands, I have no proof of who you are or who your daughter is. If you'd like to send me a certified copy of her birth certificate, I'll be happy to take down the content concerning her. Otherwise, take all the legal action you want, asshole! I would very much appreciate the opportunity to air your dirty laundry in a court of law.

I would be more than happy to respect your wishes as a parent, if you had demonstrated to me that you actually DO know what's best for her. Your handling of her has shown the exact opposite to be true. As much as I hate the thought of your child ending up in the system, I must say that you certainly don't deserve her. I hope they come and take her away from you, you heartless prick.

Learn to treat your child like a human being or rot in hell, you self-righteous son of a bitch!


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