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The FBI Wants more wiretapping powers

The following rant is based on this news article.

You have GOT to be fucking kidding me! That's all I can think; this must be a joke!

No, sadly, it is no joke. Maybe 20 years ago this would've been a laughable idea, but not today. These days, we live in a nation run by the likes of Bush and Asscroft [sic] where any limitation to our freedom can be accomplished easily by just saying the magic words, "We need it to fight terrorism."

Oh come the fuck off it, already! What, the last 2 and a half years worth of war and hundreds of millions of tax dollars weren't enough? Now, you need to have the power to eavesdrop on Internet users too?

I get pretty sick of these pathetic fucking excuses. No, assholes, you DON'T need the power to invade everyone's privacy in order to fight terrorism! No, you DON'T need to get around the fucking 4th Amendment in order to fight terrorism!

Oh, but wait... Maybe I'm being too hard on them, eh? Let's look at it realistically. All they really want is the power to eavesdrop on Internet traffic the same way they do with wiretaps for people's telephones, right? I mean, that's all. They need a warrant to that, after all, so... Oh... Oh shit, I guess we all must've forgotten... Thanks to the USA Patriot Act, all they have to say is "we're fighting terrorism" and they DON'T need a warrant! Gee, I guess we've all just gotten so complacent with having freedom that we tend to forget (intentionally?) that a lot of our freedom has been taken away.

Am I being too hard again? Surely, the FBI would say "But we're only going to use it for law enforcement and to defend this great country!" Oh really? And just why should we believe that? Because you say so? Because you're "the government" so naturally you're trustworthy? Yeah...right... And if you abuse this power once it's been given to you, what should we do about it? Maybe send an e-mail to our congressman...oh, nope that won't work, you could just intercept that e-mail and lock our un-American asses up! I mean, since we'd be disagreeing with your "anti-terrorist" techniques, we MUST be one of "them" or at the very least we must be some sort of "danger" to the public, right? No? Well, gee, that's sorta the idea that one tends to get after reading the Patriot Act and the TIPS proposal.

It's simple folks: If you disagree with their methods, you're not patriotic, you don't love this country, and you just might be a terrorist.

You know what, you fucks, I'm NOT patriotic! I fucking HATE this country. Why? Because we don't live in "The Land of the Free" anymore and it's getting worse every day! You give me the America that was promised to me in the Constitution and THEN I'll be patriotic! Hell, I'd gladly give my life in defense of such a place! Sadly, that America doesn't exist anymore and everything that remains of it is being slowly chipped away by our current Regime.

But does anyone care? HELL NO! Everyone is too worried about getting to work on time and how long the line might be at Starbucks™ and picking up little Tommy from football practice and Aunt Suzie to her hair appointment on time... You're all to goddamn busy with your fucking pointless pathetic little lives to give a rat's ass! Hell, Adolf Hitler's ghost could come marching down Broadway tomorrow, but as long as nothing he does impacts your life, you STILL won't fucking care!

That's ok, though. You just sit back and keep your nice comfortable apathetic delusions. The problem with you fucking sheep is that you don't see the big picture! You don't see what all this shit will lead to! And you won't see it until it's 2034 and you look back and think, "You know, thirty years ago we had a lot more freedom than this... I wonder what happened?" What happened?! YOU happened!!! YOU sat back and did nothing. YOU sat back and didn't give a damn! YOU didn't open your big fucking mouth to protest, so when we're living in the 4th Reich, it'll be YOUR fault asshole!

Why your fault and not the Regime's fault? Simple, Bush and Ashcroft are human beings, therefore it is in their nature to strive for power and control over other human beings. That is in everyone's nature, especially government officials. However, our founding fathers knew this and they built safeguards into the constitution. They built-in all these ways for US to control OUR government, but YOU have to be willing to do something! The system is not perfect. It can be corrupted and manipulated for one's own selfish ends. It is the job of every American citizen to make sure that doesn't happen.

Those who fought for our freedom from the British Empire were fighting against a government very similar to the one we see today in the U.S. If we let them get that much power this time, there are no more "new worlds" to run to! If we don't speak up now, we're all fucked.

Write your local representative and congressman. Tell them what you think of this proposal made by the FBI. Stop them NOW before they can't be stopped. You have a voice, take 5 minutes and USE IT!

"People who are willing to give up freedom
for the sake of short term security, deserve
neither freedom nor security."

-Benjamin Franklin

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers,
and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be
violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause,
supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the
place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

-The 4th Amendment to the Constitution
 of the United States of America