Orthodoxy means not thinking - not needing to think
-George Orwell, "1984"
Lord Galen
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The Victimization of Children

Don't talk to strangers. Don't get in the car with strangers. Don't take candy from strangers. Don't leave my site when you're playing outside. Don't try to hide things from me. Don't lock your door (or, "no, you can't have a lock on your bedroom door"). There are dangerous people out there. Good Touch, Bad Touch. Don't be afraid to tell.

Wondering what all that has in common? More than you'd think.

American parents are, by their very actions, "grooming" their children to be victims. That's right, your children ARE easy targets for all sorts of bad people, just like they say in the news (although the media exaggerates it tremendously). The real secret is not that children are easy targets for murders, rapists, etc. No, the real secret is WHY they are such easy prey for the hunters. And the reason is YOU.

Day in, day out, children are taught over and over and over and over again to "respect adults" and "don't talk back to your elders" and other such ageist nonsense. How is it that you can teach your children these things and then act surprised to learn that they went right along when Mr. Tinkertrain wanted them to suck his wee-wee, or when they obeyed the old homeless guy when he told them to go shoplift some beer out of the 7-11?

HELLO?! Are you fucking stupid? They will obey what an adult says, because that's what they've been trained (read: "programmed" or "brainwashed") to do!

Parents today don't want their kids to know and understand the concept of fighting back. Today's parents want their kids to sit down, shut up, and do exactly what they're told when they're told to do it, no questions asked. If a kid dares protest something, they get shouted down and most likely punished. What lesson is this teaching them? Well, it's teaching them exactly what you intended to teach them: Resistance is futile (to borrow a phrase from Star Trek™). You're teaching your kids that it is the highest crime of their young lives to contradict you.

Then, to make things even worse, you send them to school and tell them that they must obey their teachers and any adult at school. Children are systematically taught (at home and at school) to never question authority. An authority figure is to be respected and obeyed. It's not possible for an authority figure to be wrong when the child disagrees with him/her. That just isn't how it works.

So, you teach your children these things and then send them off into the world not only completely unprepared to defend themselves against "bad grown-ups" but also completely unaware that that's even an option for them!!!

Your kids are victims because they've been taught to be victims! They've been taught to just roll over and take whatever any adult dishes out at them! And people sit back and fucking wonder why child abuse is a problem? Maybe if little Suzy knew it was okay to bite Uncle Bob's dick off when he tried to shove it down her throat, she wouldn't be scarred for life now! In fact, she'd be better off and more confidant, knowing that she'd successfully defended herself.

Oh, but it's "dangerous" for kids to fight back, right? I mean, what would it lead to if we taught our kids to question authority? Why, it could lead to things like them actually pointing out our mistakes and (*gasp* egads, no!) making us feel stupid! Why, it could even lead to things like free thinking, creativeness, different ways to handle things, and worst of all....our kids might actually break out of the little box we keep them in! Ah! Noooooooooooooooo.....

Yes, but what does all my Youth Rights drivel have to do with kids being victimized?

Alright, let's look at it this way. Most children today don't have the right to privacy in their homes. It's certainly not a legal right, at least. Parents can go through their kids' belongings, can walk in on their kids at any time, etc, etc. Parents don't want to give up this "power" and "control" over their kids, yet somehow parents all get really pissy when you point out to them that these things are all methods by which a parent could get a foot-hold to committing incest or otherwise abusing their child. Odd....parents all claim to hate incest, yet they support the very denial of children's rights that LEADS to incest in the first place! As a poster on the NYRA message board can be quoted as saying: "Walk into a group of people who are commiserating about the poor victims of incest and suggest that kids should have the right to lock bedroom and bathroom doors. It quickly becomes obvious that the real agenda may not be so much about saving children as hanging other individuals." Very well said.

Do you see how the programming of "control" leads to abuse? Do you see how teaching your kids to blindly obey you without question can lead to horrible things?

A final point of logic. According to statistics, only about 10% of child molesters are actually pedophiles. Ok, so this means that 90% of molesters aren't even doing it for sexual reasons (since they're not peds and therefore not sexually attracted to children). So, if not sex, then what? Simple; the same reason that adult women get raped. It's about power and control, not sex. So, you teach your kids that an adult having a sexual interest in them is bad, but an adult who orders them around and controls them is good? This means you're saving your kids from 10% of sex abusers while making them even more vulnerable to the other 90% you fucking idiot!

YOU (yes, you) are the greatest threat to your child's safety. You threaten your children's safety by teaching them not to fight back. You threaten their safety by teaching them to be blindly obedient good little boys and girls. You threaten their safety by NOT teaching them that they have a mind and an opinion and the freedom to use both!

Your children are only easy targets if you make them so. I'm leaving you with one last quote from the good members of NYRA. Think about it.

"If you've groomed your child to blind obedience, accepting of fiat directives, and essential victimhood.... you've already done 9/10ths of what is necessary for predation against them by anyone.


But if you have a properly individualistic young person who can defend themself -- and you have not supressed that natural process from occuring in them, or dampened it...

You have no need to worry!

People tend to [defend] themselves if you don't cripple their ego or intrinsic defensive capabilities!"