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Vegetarian Kids

A few days ago, the school I work at had it's annual cook-out for the 4th grade students. Since 4th grade is the last grade in that school, the teachers like to give the kids a send-off and this cook-out is sort of a "farewell dinner." Anyway, one of the girls had to have food brought to her by her dad because she doesn't eat meat. Yup, she's one of those vegetarians.

Now, let me make my position clear. I think vegetarians are fucking stupid. I mean, HELLO, meat is one of the four basic food groups for a REASON, you morons! However, I'm not about to sit here and say that they shouldn't be vegetarians. Hey, what you eat is your choice and it'd be pretty fuckin' stupid for anybody (even me) to sit here and tell you what you should be eating. That's just dumb.

And that is PRECISELY the problem that I have with children like the one I mentioned above. They often have no choice. How many kids do you know who choose to be vegetarians on their own? Let me make that question a little clearer: How many child vegetarians do you know whose parents are not also vegetarians? And THERE is the problem!

Raising your children to eat only what YOU want them to eat is a slap in the face of your child's individuality! The sheer and utter fucking ARROGANCE of this astounds me beyond belief! How DARE you make a choice like that for your child! How dare you take it upon yourself to decide something so basic as what they can and can't eat! The denial of something so basic and trivial is the height of disrespect and it SICKENS me! I mean that. I'm having trouble writing this because I just don't think the words exist to adequately described just exactly how completely disgusted I am by this!

Don't bother me with your fucking arguments about how it's healthier for them and you only want what's best for them. Bullshit! You're a selfish fucking prick who decided long ago that your way was the only way and you had to instill that in your children.

Way to go, you fucks! Thanks for taking away things like hamburgers and hot dogs. Thank's for teaching your kids that McDonald's is evil.

Why don't you just admit the truth? You vegetarians fucking hate us "meat eaters" (that's the word they use for us, as if to equate us with lower animals or something). The truth is that you just fucking hate us and think you're better than us because you don't go around "murdering" those poor defenseless animals. Hey, asshole, it's called the food chain! It's natural, you dumb fuck! Humans, however, are one of the few species on the planet that can eat both plants and animals. We're lucky because we have a choice. Well, apparently your children don't and that's just fucking sad and stupid!

My heart breaks when I think about that little girl. She doesn't know any better and doesn't even have another choice. Vegetarian is all she's ever been because that's all her mom has ever taught her. It's pathetic. So, yeah, it's heartbreaking to look at this girl who's little more than a sack of bones. It saddens me to have to look at her pale skin, sunken eyes, and hollow cheeks. I cringe when I push this child on the swings and as I grab her waist to push her forward again, I feel nothing but the sides of her pelvic bone.

Look, in all honesty, if you want to be a vegetarian, that's fine. If you want your kids to be vegetarians, that's fine. But, when you give your children no other choice, that is NOT fine! If the little girl I spoke of had chosen to be a vegetarian on her own, that's different. If she tells me that her mother doesn't stop her from eating meat and that she can choose at any time to give up being a vegetarian, then I'll take back every bad thought I had about her. I doubt that's gonna happen, though. Chances are that if she told her mother that she didn't want to be a vegetarian anymore, she'd get punished (I'm not kidding).

Being a vegetarian is a CHOICE. How can you ever be "proud" of your kids for being vegetarians when they never made the choice for themselves? They're not really fucking vegetarians, they're just blindly obeying you because they can't do anything else!!!

This is just sick. This is really really sick. Leave your kids alone! The kind of food you eat is not a fucking MORAL decision, it's a nutritional one! And, please, don't e-mail me or post on the board with all these facts and figures about how it's so much healthier for kids to be vegetarians. All your "facts" and "research" don't amount to jack shit when I look at that scrawny, pale, sickly-looking child.

Keep your fucking facts to yourself. I've seen with my own eyes that it's bullshit! You're starving your children in the name of your own moralistic purposes. You're all selfish fucking bastards and, quite frankly, I despise you for it. I'm not interested in what you have to say. You're child abusers as far as I'm concerned and worthy of a slow painful death.

I hope you all just fucking die right now.

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