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Teen Pregnancy Is Down

The following rant is based on this news article

So, it appears that the teen pregnancy rate in the U.S. has been steadily dropping over the past decade. Gee, I wonder why that could be? Let’s take a look at some small facts.

For decades, nothing but “no sex” and “abstinence” were ever taught to children and teens. They were given little sex education beyond “Don’t do it” and, since it’s human nature, they still went out and did it anyway. So, for all that time we had hordes of young people armed with very little factual knowledge running around having sex with each other. All this was because of the delusional attitudes of people that they could somehow repress the 2nd most basic and primal force in the human psyche – sexuality (the strongest instinct being, of course, self-preservation). All this shit really came to a head during the 70s and that generation’s teaching of “free love.” Yeah, free love was great, but there was still a LOT of ignorance regarding sex and sexuality.

Now, let’s jump forward in history a bit: Enter, the 90s. Somewhere during the 90s, the teen pregnancy rate apparently began to drop. After decades of sexual ignorance and oppression, suddenly teenagers seem to actually start to know what the fuck their doing (besides knowing how to insert tab A into slot B)! Anybody want me to hurry the fuck up and just get to the point here? Fine.

The point is that in the 90s, a revolutionary tool for spreading knowledge came to the public’s attention. I’m talking about the Internet. All of a sudden, teenagers had this medium to talk to their peers across the globe and share information among themselves. Not only that, but anyone who wanted to educate others about something only had to put up a website. The Internet IS the very embodiment of free speech and it is the single most important and valuable tool for the acquisition of knowledge that has EVER existed!

Oh, but when I talk about the acquisition of “knowledge” I’m not talking about that in the traditional sense of “education.” No, the education system is a government-filtered and monitored means of delivering information that has been deemed appropriate to children (and, thereby, influencing the knowledge that these children will have when they become adults). It is not like that anymore! The Internet is here and today’s children can learn about ANYTHING at all!

So, let’s say that little Suzy wants to fuck her boyfriend Bobby. She’d really like to do something to make sure she doesn’t get pregnant, but everywhere she looks all she sees is “No kids, don’t do it!” In the past, little Suzy would’ve most likely ended up fucking Bobby anyway and just taking the risk of getting pregnant. Lucky for Suzy (and everyone like her), things are different these days. All it takes to find information on birth control for teens is a few minutes at a computer. In fact, in less than one minute, I found this page on the Planned Parenthood site, just by doing a simple Google search on the words “teens birth control information.” That site was the top of the list and while it does list “Abstinence only” as a choice of birth control, I have no problem with that. Yes, abstaining from sex IS the best method of birth control (duh), but it is not the ONLY method (as the Bush Administration and its religious lackeys would have you believe).

For decades, people like me (Youth Rights advocates, mainly) have been screaming in the faces of the ignorant masses that the only way to “protect” children from the “dangers” of sex is to fully educate them ABOUT sex! And, for all that time, the government and the religious-right have just ignored this, despite the mountain of scientific evidence to support it (with virtually none supporting their cause). Well, guess what, you fucking conservative losers; thanks to the World Wide Web, the choice has been taken out of your hands and put into the hands of the only ones who really have any RIGHT to make that choice – the young people themselves. Frankly, it really doesn’t matter if you like it or not. It doesn’t matter if you approve of kids learning EVERYTHING about sex. It doesn’t matter because now the youth of our nation have taken the responsibility upon themselves to find out everything they need to know about sex (or anything else, for that matter). You, Mr. Censorship, are obsolete! Pack your shit; I want your desk cleared out by 5, mother fucker!

So, what has all this got to do with the teen pregnancy rate? A LOT, actually. Teen pregnancy is going down NOT because of anything that the government or educators have done. Teen pregnancy is decreasing because those in power are no longer able to keep young people ignorant! They ARE learning! If this trend keeps up (and it will), it is inevitable that the rate for unwanted teen pregnancies will equal the rate of unwanted adult pregnancies. Teenagers will have just as much knowledge about preventing pregnancy and disease as adults have, because the information that is available to adults can no longer be kept from the eyes of the young.

The rate of teenage pregnancies is down because the Internet allows kids to find out whatever they want to know about absolutely any subject, including the subjects that most adults would rather they didn’t learn about.

So, on behalf of the teenage population, this adult would like to say something to everyone involved with “Abstinence Only.” Go fuck yourself, kids don't need you anymore!

"We tell kids that they can drive when they're 16, and we teach
them how to do it, too. Likewise, they can vote when they're 18
and drink when they're 21. But, apparently, sex is so calamitous
we can't even mention an age that would be a suitable point for
them to know the basics of orgasm. Gee -- would graduating
school be a good time to finally learn how to fuck?"

-Susie Bright
in an article from Salon Magazine, Nov. 97