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I was visiting a site this morning that I've had bookmarked for a long time. Mike Lin's Software Page is a page started by a college student just so he could offer the programs he writes to people (for free). Naturally, there aren't any amazing Anti-virus suites on the site or anything like that. Just a few small tools that make life for Windows users a little bit easier. Personally, I've used his Startup Control Panel program for years and I've never found anything better to manage what starts up when you start Windows.

Anyway, so I'm checking out the site to see if Mike has put up anything new (he hasn't) and I notice a link to a message board. I never noticed that there was a board on the site before, so I go have a look at it. What I find is the largest thread in one forum is mostly made up of a bunch of fucking morons crying and complaining that Mikes program (the StartupCPL that I mentioned) is impossible to uninstall and some think it's spyware and blah blah blah blah blah.

So, here's what pisses me off about this. The Internet has bred a special kind of dumbass. Not just your average everyday idiot, but the very special Internet Idiot. Maybe we should call them "eDumbasses." This special bred of moron is the type of person who shows up at a tech site for the express purpose of showing their stupidity. Naturally, they don't realize what total fucking losers they are, because they're just too stupid to get it. They come and rally all the other eDumbasses around them and pretty soon you've got a bunch of assholes all bitching about having the same problem and how the software creator is just such a [insert slur] and this problem is all his fault, etc, etc, etc.

Hey, eJerk, wake the fuck up, ya loser! You don't really have a techincal problem! What you have is a case of you wanting to do something and not knowing how! That's fine, nobody can fault you for not knowing something, but when you show up online to blame other people for your ignorance, that's your bad.

Imagine if this happened in the real world. Imagine that someone picks up a copy of some new novel at the bookstore. They start reading and pretty soon stumble across a word they don't know. So, this reader then sends a nasty letter to the author blaming them for using that word and claiming that the author sucks because they can't understand what he wrote!

IDIOTS! You're all fucking morons! Other people are not to blame for YOUR stupidity! You don't know how to read? Don't blame the author! You don't know how to uninstall a program, don't blame the programmer, you dipshit!

At first, it was funny to read the stupidity spewing forth from people's minds. It was really entertaining. But, the more I thought about it, the more it just pissed me off that we even HAVE this type of person roaming around free. It's not just on's message board, it's everywhere! All over the Internet I've seen it; Totally incompetant people who have no business installing programs in the first place.

These types of people just piss me the fuck off! Get a fuckin' clue and stop wasting peoples' time!

Tech Tip for Morons: Hi-tech solutions such as SEARCH and the DELETE key, make uninstalling a control panel applet easy!