Moral busybodies are taking the perfectly good word family and using it as a code for censorship the same way 'states' rights' was used to disguise racism in the mid-sixties.
-John Waters
Lord Galen
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Slutty Girls

This is sort of a multi-issue rant. First off, let’s talk about the whole concept of a “slut.”

Look, we all know it’s a fucking stereotype. Everybody’s bitched about it and we all know it’s not fair. Still, I’m gonna bitch some more. Guys can go out and get laid 10 times a day and that makes them a “stud” but if a girl did that, she’d be labeled the biggest slut around! Where does this problem come from?

Well, mainly it comes from the fact that we live in a very anti-sex society. Our society still views sex as something “dirty” and “bad.” While guys are pretty much expected to be dirty and bad, it is very much frowned upon if a girl exhibits these attributes. However, society is only the first step – the building block – for the “slut” label and its negative connotations. After that comes the girls themselves. Yup, women are the number one method of propagation for this stereotype that they all claim to despise so much. You don’t often here young guys talking about a girl being “such a slut” and snubbing her for it. On the contrary, most guys think sluts are cool! But, ladies…oh, ladies… You all claim to hate the evil stereotype of women not being able to be promiscuous like guys, but you’re the ones keeping it that way! You’re the ones who look down on promiscuous girls! YOU are the ones keeping the stereotype alive… So fuckin’ knock it off already!

Next, I feel like bitching at the ladies some more. A woman can go out to a club, dressed like a fuckin’ hoochie and then get all pissed off when a guy comes on to her! What the fuck?! Look, I don’t care who you are or what kind of person you really are. Bitch, if you dress like a cop, people are gonna treat you like a cop. If you dress like a waitress, people will treat you like a waitress. And if you dress like a slut, people will treat you like a slut! Sorry, but that’s not an unfair part of the stereotype, really. If you want to get laid tonight, you should go out dressed to attract horny men! If you don’t, you should wear something else. If you don’t want to get laid, don’t dress like you do, dumbass!

Ok, that’s all I have. Short and bitter, just like me!

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