When one person suffers from a delusion, it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion it is called a Religion.
-Robert M. Pirsig
Lord Galen
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Oooooh, I said a dirty word, didn’t I? Yeah, I said SEX! Also known as fucking, gettin’ your groove on, the horizontal mambo, boning, shagging, knocking boots, bingo-bango-bongo (my personal favorite), hittin’ it, taggin’ that ass, raw-doggin’ it, etc, etc, etc, ad infinitum.

Yeah, thing about that is that I DIDN’T say a dirty word. We live in a very sick society that has managed to convince itself that the 2nd most natural (and powerful) instinct humans have is a disgusting, perverted, unclean, unholy thing. In spite of all the gratuitous sex we see on TV these day, everyone still has the mindset that sex is “bad.” Don’t think so? Let your kid ask you where babies come from. Suddenly you start thinking about how they’re too young to know the truth about something like that. My question to you is: Something like what exactly? What’s so bad about it that you can’t tell kids about it? Why is it such a big secret? We tell our kids about people getting killed, robbed, beaten up, etc. Hell, if you’re religious you tell your kids about the very graphic act of someone being literally NAILED to a wooden cross! So just what is it that’s so terrible, shocking, and secretive about an act that’s as natural as breathing and is probably the most pleasurable thing there is?

Oh no, Heaven forbid that I might be advocating telling your kids the truth when they ask that question! I must be such an awful person to think that children deserve to not be lied to. Why on Earth would I ever want kids to know about something so “grown up” as sex?

Well, I hate to pop that nice shiny bubble you’re living in, but sex stopped being exclusively an adult matter quite a long time ago. Your children ARE going to have sex. Go ahead and get any doubt of that out of your mind. Look at your sweet little son or daughter over there and face up to the fact that whether it’s a year from now or 10 years from now, at some point he/she WILL be fucking someone. The responsibility that YOU have, as a parent, is to prepare them for that and make sure that they’re able to lead a healthy sex life instead of a suppressed one. If you raise your kids to think that sex is “bad” they will have trouble accepting it as natural when the time comes to do so. You love your daughter don’t you? Surely she’s going to get married someday, right? And I suppose you’d like her to live in a marriage without ever having an orgasm because you drilled it into her head that sex is “bad” so she should feel guilty about ever enjoying it. THAT is what happens when you teach kids that sex is “wrong.”

It is amazing to me to look around and see all the violence on TV and in movies and even in video games. Sure, people “disapprove” of the violence. But, holy shit, if you put a little sex into a movie you can just sit back and watch people go fucking nuts over it! Especially if it’s something geared toward children & teens. Oh, sure, no problem with letting your 10 year old watch people get blown to pieces, but let a stray tit show on TV and you shit yourself silly!

What the fuck is wrong with this society where violence is applauded and sex is damned? Violence is the act of hurting people. Sex is the act of mutual pleasure in the highest form possible. I just don’t get it. Hurting people is good and having pleasure is bad? What the fuck?!

So, what will I say when my child asks that question of me? Will I say, “I’ll explain it to you when you’re older” or maybe “The stork brings babies” or some other retarded ass answer like that (which you kids don’t fucking believe anyway). My answer will be: “That’s a tough one to answer. It’ll take awhile. How about if we sit down later tonight and I’ll explain it to you and tell you anything you want to know?” And then I’ll choose a time to explain it (completely) to my son or daughter (a time measured in “hours from now” not “years from now”). It doesn’t matter if my child is 4 or 14 when they ask this question; they trust me to tell them how things work and to explain the world to them. It is my responsibility to give them the unbiased truth.

All this fucking programming about how “bad” sex is starts when you’re a child. It started there when you were a child and it MUST end there with your children.

Sex is a very VERY good thing, when you know what you’re doing. Why do sexual experiences turn out bad for so many people (including teens) these days? They don’t know what they’re doing. Ah, but WHY don’t they know what they’re doing? Because no one has ever told them! By “protecting” your kids from the taboo issue of sex, you are risking dooming them to making the very mistakes you think you’re protecting them from.

When all you’ve ever told your kids about sex is “Don’t do it” then you have no fucking right to bitch about how they came home pregnant or with AIDS or something else. If you’d lived up to your duties as a parent and actually taught them about sex (everything about sex, not just what YOU think they should know), it probably could’ve been avoided.

Little Johnny liked other guys. He used to jack-off and fantasize about the guys in his class. Was he one of them queers his dad always bitched about? No! He couldn’t be! Queers are evil and sick! Johnny would rather die! So, Johnny got his dad’s gun and blew his fucking brains out. …Still think you don’t influence your kids’ choices with your attitude toward sex?

Go ahead and tell your kids that sex is bad. Go right head, I’m not stopping you. Don’t say shit about it when they fuck up, though. Not a word. If you won’t teach them, you have no right to say shit.

If you’d rather NOT be a fucking bad parent, then listen up. When your child wants to know about sex, tell them. Just tell them everything you know to tell them. Tell them about the abstinence-only viewpoint, tell them about the sex-before-marriage viewpoint. Tell them about homosexuals. Tell them about oral, vaginal, and anal sex. Tell them about S&M. Tell them EVERYTHING you can think to tell them, because they deserve no less. They are your children and they deserve to be protected. The only way you can ever hope to protect them is by giving them the greatest power of sexuality: Knowledge.

And, especially, tell them that no one can choose for them what they do with their bodies. You (nor anyone else) will ever be able to control who/where/when your kids fuck (as much as you say “My kid better not ever….” you must know that that’s bullshit and that a point will come when you have no say-so over the matter). What you CAN control is the kind of decisions they are able to make. They’ll either make decisions based out of ignorance or out of knowledge. I’d much rather find out that my 16 year old daughter is sleeping with a guy after considering all the possible outcomes and consequences and taking appropriate precautions, than to find out that she’s sleeping with a guy and suddenly realize that I never taught her shit about it. Point is, one day my daughter is gonna open her legs for somebody whether I like it or not; I’d much rather know that she has the knowledge to make an intelligent informed decision about sex instead of just relying on her urges to see her through.

Sex is not evil. Kids don’t need to be protected from the knowledge of something that is not evil. Stop wasting your time trying to prevent something that is inevitable!

“A society which suppresses sex as evil...is
dooming itself to ever-rising insanity"

-L. Ron Hubbard