People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.
-V for Vendetta
Lord Galen
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The Confederate Flag

Liviing in Georgia, I get exposed to this bullshit a lot and now I think it's time I set people straight about the so-called "Rebel Flag."

The first complaint of the anti-flag people is always that it's racist. I tend to agree. I agree because I've seen it. The only people that I know of who proudly display the Confederate flag are racist ass redneck fucks who wave the flag around as their silent way of saying "haha, fuck you, niggers." Of course, they can't just come right out and say that, so they sugar-coat it with all their bullshit about how the flag is a symbol of their "heritage" or some other such nonsense.

Heritage? Oh puh-lease! The Confederate flag isn't your fucking heritage, you moron. You people fucking infuriate me with this crap! You damn hillbillies sit back and you bitch and whine about how all the blacks won't shut the fuck up about slavery and say shit like "Slavery's over, it happened a long time ago. Why the fuck won't these niggers just get over it? It's not like it happened to them or anything!" Well, you stupid hick, why don't you take your own damn advice? The Civil War is over. It happened a long time ago. Why the fuck won't you rednecks just get over it? It's not like it happened to you or anything! Stop waiving your gay little flag around like it's something to be proud of; it's not.

You want heritage? Ok, let's use your argument in another relevant setting. I propose that Germany should make the swastika its new flag. I mean, why shouldn't they? It's their heritage, isn't it? Seriously, when their people did horrible shit in the past, they used a swastika to represent themselves, so isn't that their heritage? And, surely, the swastika isn't representative of killing jews now?! So, sure, let's let the Rebel Flag fly high above Georgia! It's not like it represents a nation that enslaved countless human beings and subjected them to torture and inhuman conditions or anything like that!

Stop with the retort! I can hear it coming now, "but the North had slaves too..." Yes, they did, but they realized that they were fucked up for doing so and they corrected the problem. YOU dumb fuckers had to be forced to stop it! It's not even a comparison, so don't try that shit with me.

Another very interesting piece of hypocrisy that I've always noticed. Rednecks are usually fanatically patriotic. They'll wave the American flag with great ferver and shout about how the U.S. is the greatest damn country in the world. But, then you turn around and wave the Confederate flag. Is the irony of that lost on you? Obviously so; let me explain it to your retarded ass. The Confederate States of America (which the rebel flag represents) was a former ENEMY of the United States! The CSA was crushed by the USA and completely wiped out. Their people were assimilated into the United States and their lands became part of the United States. But, here in the south, the stupidity lives on. Nowhere else in the world does a group of patriotic people sit around waving the flag of a former enemy to their country! I mean, do you see any fucking Vietnamese-Americans waving around Vietnam's flag shouting "Charlie will rise again!" while drinking beer and spitting in a cup? No, you don't. And if they did do that, they'd be called fucking traitors even though their ancestors came from Vietnam. See, it doesn't matter that your ancestors were from the Confederate States of America; you're still a fucking traitor to the U.S. if you wave that piece of shit flag around screaming about the south rising again! You dumb fucks! Try screaming "God bless the U.S.A." and "The south will rise again!" in the same sentence and see how stupid that sounds, you ignorant pile of shit! I wouldn't expect you to know any better though; you're just rednecks, after all. [oooohh... did you catch that? Blatantly bigoted comment directed at you... How's it feel?]

Oh, and speaking of that shit, let me clear up any confusion, just in case you still don't get this: THE SOUTH WILL NOT RISE AGAIN, DUMBASS!!! You got that? And if the south ever tries to rise again, it'll be targetted just like Al Queda is now. See, you super-patriotic dicks, in order for the south to rise again, you would have to betray the U.S. you idiot!

So, everybody go out, buy a rebel flag, and burn the son of a bitch! It's not about heritage; at least not any heritage that a decent human being would actually choose to lay claim to! It's about nothing more than you pathetic hick losers wanting to keep your flag around so you can say "fuck the niggers" in your own silent shitty little way. Get the fuck over it.