Never be a spectator of unfairness or stupidity. Seek out argument and disputation for their own sake.
-Christopher Hitchens
Lord Galen
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Here’s a subject that really tends to piss me off faster than anything else. Living in the south for most of my life, I’ve seen and heard just about every racist thing you could imagine. I’ve even been on the receiving end of it myself. So, I speak with authority on this matter. Here goes.

Racists are the lowest and most contemptable form of life on the planet. They live out their whole lives thinking that they’re superior to someone else for no other reason than the color of their skin. Maybe it’s just me, but that seems like a pretty fucking retarded reason to spread hatred! Don’t get me wrong, spreading hatred has its uses, but if you’re gonna do it you should at least have a good reason and someone’s color is NOT a good reason.

Let’s take a moment to examine skin color and what causes it, shall we? There is a chemical in the skin called melanin, which is a pigment (that means, it adds color). Black people have a whole lot more melanin in their skins than white people. Why? Well, it’s the result of evolution in a part of the world which is move UV instense than the European areas where whites supposedly evolved. Now, you’re wondering what the fuck UV (Ultra-Violet radiation) has to do with it, right? Melanin, you see, is produced as the body’s immune response to UV rays. Sunlight and its radiation are harmful to the body in excessive amounts (as I pointed out in my smoking rant, sunlight is a Class A carcinogen) so your body has to have a way of fighting off UV radiation. That way is melanin. This is why you get a tan. As you are exposed to UV radiation, your body produces more melanin in order to fight off the UV. Since melanin is (incidentally) a dark pigment, your skin gets darker as a result of this immune response.

Now that we know how skin color works, take a look at racism again. See, once you’re educated about it, you now know that racism is nothing more than hating someone because their immune system is different than yours. Are you still not seeing how fucking STUPID that is?! If you still don’t get it, you’re a lost cause. Go cut your balls off so you can’t pass on those retard genes.

I always hear people making stupid sweeping statements like “everyone is racist to some degree, even if it’s just a little bit.” Uh-huh… Not me, asshole. People who say that are usually just racists who feel guilty about it, so they wanna make themselves feel better by including everyone in their sick world. I’m not part of your mental disease, you sick fuck! I honestly cannot comprehend how skin color ever became a reason for seeing someone as inferior. It’s a fucking physical trait! It’s like eye color or hair color! I don’t see any history books stating where blondes went out and enslaved all the brunettes or something! It’s a physical characteristic, you dumb fucks!

Now, by that same token, I also fail to see the point behind “black culture.” You have a culture based on the color of your skin? What fucking genius came up with THAT lame ass idea! So, you’re black, big fuckin’ deal! It doesn’t make you special and it doesn’t even really make you different! Skin color is only really considered a “difference” by uneducated morons (both black and white) who need to be forced to write the definition of “difference” about 5,000,000,000,000 times! But, it’s not the fault of the black people that they see themselves as different. Not really. The white people were the ones who labeled them as such and they just carry on believing that bullshit to this very day. There’s no need for “black culture” or “white culture” any more than there’s a need for a “blue-eyed culture” or a “brown-eyed culture.” The difference is only in your mind, moron! Culture is defined as “The tastes in art and manners that are favored by a social group.” See that? NOTHING to do with your race at all! People of any race can have the same interests and mannerisms. So-called “wiggers” are proof of this. Just because a white person happpens to like the “urban” style of dress, behavior and listens to rap music, people think he’s trying to be black. No, he’s trying to enjoy what he enjoys, you prick, leave him alone and stop branding people with your sick fucking retarded labels! Culture is defined by interests, not by arbitrary physical traits.

More on this later. Believe me, you’ll hear me bitch about racism plenty!

"If you can judge a wise man by the color of his skin,
then mister you're a better man than I"

-Aerosmith, "Livin' on the Edge"