Loyalty to petrified opinion never broke a chain or freed a human soul.
-Mark Twain
Lord Galen
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The Concept of Propriety

There are few things that can piss me off to no end faster than hearing someone utter the word "inappropriate." Have you ever stopped to think about the whole concept of what is and is not appropriate? Have you ever stopped to think about exactly what defines propriety? No, I doubt any of you have, being the dull-witted mindless little "yes-man" sheep that you are. Lucky for you, I'm not a moron, so let's kick this shit off.

I'm not worried about dictionary definitions or other such nonsense. Let's critique what the words "appropriate" and "inappropriate" mean. They're two sides of the same coin and the name of that coin is Conformity. Being told that something you do is "not appropriate" is basically just a person's way of saying "I disapprove and most of society agrees with me, so therefore your actions are wrong, so stop it."

Okay, first thing: Who the fuck are YOU (anyone) to determine what is or is not correct behavior for anyone? What you see as "inappropriate" others may see as perfectly normal behavior. For example, a whole family (parents, children, etc.) walking around naked in their own home would be considered inappropriate by most people, based upon the primative ingrained belief that nudity is somehow evil. However, a family of naturists (ie, nudists) would find this behavior to be perfectly normal and "appropriate." My point is this: Propriety is a relative concept. What is and is not appropriate for each person is dependant upon that person's OWN thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.

Try to follow what I'm saying here folks. Propriety is defined individually for each person! It is not a static concept! Have you ever noticed that inappropriate is the "half-way" word between right and wrong? You see, most of the time, the concept of Right vs. Wrong is a fixed ideal. We know it's wrong to hurt people, we know it's wrong to steal, we know it's wrong to lie, etc. However, what if I walked into an office building without a shirt on? That's not actually wrong (morally speaking), however it IS considered inappropriate. Now, if this were an office building of intelligent open-minded people who didn't care about the taboo concerning the human body, there would be no problem. Within a typical office building, however, you'd find some people who are offended by my lack of a shirt and some who don't care. So, within this one group of imaginary test subjects, we find one action being considered both appropriate and inappropriate at the same time by different people.

Ok, so what's the point of this little diatribe against propriety? My point is that even though it's subjective, people act like it's static and that's fucking bullshit! For instance, I'm told that it's inappropriate to have a child (even your own) sitting on your lap in a public place. But, by whose definition is it inappropriate? By yours, by society's, by God's, by the child's, by the parents? Who decides what is and is not appropriate in this or any other situation? Yet, if I were in a public place and had my child sitting on my lap and someone tells me "that's inappropriate" I'm expected to act as if it's WRONG. Well, it's NOT! If I walk into that office without a shirt on and someone says "that's inappropriate" I'm expected to be apologetic as if I've done something wrong! Well, I DIDN'T!

The idea that "wrong" and "inappropriate" deserve the same response is total fucking bullshit. You tell me that I've done something wrong and I'll want to know what I've done. If you tell me and I see that I was in fact wrong, I will correct the problem. However, if you tell me that I've done something inappropriate, I'm not going to take that well at all. That's basically like you telling me that my personal behavior has conflicted with your personal tastes and therefore *I* should change. Fuck that! You expect me to act or think differently because it bothers YOU? Why don't you just shove that fucking self-centric egotism right up your fuckin' ass!

The entire concept of Propriety is nothing more than a control mechanism for the sheep. It's a way of saying "What you're doing isn't actually wrong, but it bothers our pussified closed-minded sensibilities anyway, so you'd better stop it." Fuck you! I will NOT conform! I will do as my own moral code dictates and until that leads me into the area of "wrong" then you can just keep your fuckin' opinions to yourself, you pompous fucks!

Let's play a little game now. I'd like to illustrate how stupid the concept of propriety by misusing it. Well, actually there is no misuse of it because it's entirely dependant on what each person believes, so....

Let's say that I have a problem with shoelaces being worn in my house. One day, Bud comes over wearing his new shoes. I'm gonna get pissed and start let's Bud about how "inappropriate" it is to bring those damn shoelaces into my home!

Let's say I have a problem with piercings of any kind, but my daughter wants to get her ears pierced. Oh, sorry honey, but I just don't think it's appropriate to go putting holes in your body.

Let's say that I just don't like cake (cuz I don't), but someone brings me a cake anyway. I'm gonna throw that damn thing out because it's entirely inappropriate to being me a cake knowing that I hate it!

Are you getting the fucking picture yet? ANYTHING can be said to be "inappropriate" - absolutely anything! And THAT is why it's total fucking bullshit that I don't pay any attention to beyond getting pissed at it.

Folks, don't ever tell me something is fucking inappropriate. It's either wrong or it's not and if it's wrong then you can TELL me WHY it's wrong! I offer this challenge: Think of something inappropriate and post it on my message board the comment board. I betcha that whatever you post, I can show you how it's nothing but bullshit and all leads by to a self-loathing society bent on forcing others to conform their thoughts and actions to societally acceptable parameters.

Look, I'm not saying that people should just run out and act any way they feel like and to hell with what other people think. We have laws and places have rules and people have standards in their homes. Live by those and it's all good (typically...). What I AM saying is that the rules and standards we have are enough! DON'T add to the bullshit by throwing every little bullshit thing that you find "inappropriate" into the mix. If "No shirt, no shoes - no service" is a Rule, then fine, let it be a rule because of a valid reason and enforce it for that valid reason but DO NOT throw your "it's inappropriate" bullshit on me!

"Galen, this whole stupid rant is highly inappropriate" Really? well I think it's fucking inappropriate of you to say so, bitch! Hahaha!

"I couldn't find a quote because apparently
no one agrees with me (typical), so fuck them!"