All great truths begin as blasphemies.
-George Bernard Shaw
Lord Galen
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Pre-Processed America

This morning I was eating breakfast at McDonald's. As I bit into my sausage & egg biscuit, something didn't seem right to me. The biscuit didn't taste like it usually does and it took me a few minutes (almost half-way through the sandwich) to figure out what it was. It occurred to me that the biscuits had just come out of the oven (or however Mickey D's cooks biscuits). The biscuits were actually fresh from the oven this morning! The reason the damn thing didn't taste quite right to me was suddenly clear. McDonald's biscuits aren't supposed to be hot; they're supposed to be warmed from being under a hot lamp for a while. They're not supposed to be soft and flaky; they're supposed to be semi-firm.

Now, common sense should tell us that a nice fresh biscuit is better than a pre-processed piece of crap anytime. But, common sense seems to give way to what we're used to: stagnant pre-processed bullshit. It occurred to me that the sausage & egg biscuit of lesser quality is actually what I prefer because that's what I'm used to.

And thus, an epiphany. This is the problem with our country (and probably the whole world) today. We're all used to the pre-processed CRAP that has always been fed to us in every aspect of our lives. From TV to the government, it's all the same old stale bullshit. Anytime something new and "fresh" comes along in this country, the people shout it down and react as if you're trying to undermine the fabric of their lives. Common sense might tell us that change is a good thing and that without change, our society becomes stagnant, but again, common sense gives way to what we're used to. Even though some new thing might be good and might be of better quality, most people would prefer to simply keep going with the same old not-quite-stale-but-close existance.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why you get the inevitable backlash against any perceived change to our world. Homosexual marriage, youth rights, quality education, decent health care, better jobs, etc. are all things that would be GOOD for our country and society in general, yet the vast majority of people seem to resist these changes, no matter the benefits! It's not that these things aren't good, it's that you're all caught up in the straight jacket of your inept little expectations! Nobody wants "different" or "new" if different and new means that we have to change and adapt.

The character of "Agent Smith" in the first Matrix movie made an excellent observation about humanity. We are the only mammals on this planet that simply cannot adapt to our ever-changing world. Instead, we try our damndest to adapt the world to us! Face it people, the world is not meant to stay the same and our society cannot survive if it too doesn't adapt.

Look, I get it, alright. Sometimes I also feel like we're on a headlong rush toward the unknown and it fills me with a sense of dread. I don't know why and there's no logic to it (which is why I tend to ignore it). And, there wouldn't be any logic to it, now would there? It's not a logical feeling, it's just the engrained human resistance to change screaming at me from the back of my mind. Somewhere deep inside there's that little voice that yells at me even for the things I support. When I advocate that kids shouldn't be spanked, I can hear the voice of my southern upbringing saying "Bullshit - whoop they little asses! Beat the shit out of 'em!" Even as I demand that kids be given respect, that same voice is telling me "They're just kids, they don't need respect." All this is what we call indoctrination. The difference between me and the rest of you mouth breathing idiots is that I can recognize what's been indoctrinated into me and (usually) tell it to shut the fuck up. I'm not interested in indoctrinated bullshit in my head, I'm interested in logic and sound reasoning. Until the majority of people manage to catch up to those like me who know how to question ourselves and ignore what needs to be ignored, the world isn't going to see any drastic changes except for those forced upon us.

Independant thinking, people; that's what it's all about. We all have to learn to think independantly of the world around us. Nevermind what your favorite preacher or politician or news anchor has to say about a subject - what the fuck do YOU have to say about it? It's not even about conformity vs. non-comformity. There's nothing inherently wrong with conformity as long as what you're conforming to makes fucking sense! But, we also have to be able to transition smoothly between being conformists and non-conformists when it's called for.

This is why I don't even bother listening to people who say they've believed the same things all their lives. These kinds of people are the problem. If you're beliefs about shit have never changed, it's probably because you've never bothered to question them. It's NORMAL to change what you believe in! It's even normal to have conflicting beliefs, believe it or not. It's called being adaptive and it's something we all need a shitload more practice with.

I'm sure this whole rant has made little sense to most people. When this rant makes sense to you, that's a good sign. It means your brain is starting to work for something other than telling you to breathe, asshole.