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Harry Potter

I really get so fucking fed up with these dumbasses who run around screaming about how “evil” Harry Potter is and how he teaches children about the “occult” and shit like that. Not even sure what kind of argument I can present, it’s just SO fucking retarded! I don’t know where to start.

Ok, I guess I’ll start with the complaint that Harry Potter is “anti-Christian.” Ok, I see, so teaching things like friendship, loyalty, camaraderie, and a sense of “good guys” triumphing over “bad guys” are all against the Christian ethos? So noted. However I, being a Christian myself, find that to be very contradictory. Perhaps the anti-Potter folks have a different version of the Bible they’d care to share with me? Harry Potter is just like every other story-book fantasy hero in that he always does the right thing, frequently finds himself in a position to stop some sort of evil thing from happening, and manages to do so by extraordinary means. How a “good guy” can be classified as the antithesis of Christian morals, I have yet to figure out.

That has never stopped any of the “Potter is evil” folks from trying to convince me though. I’ve heard several stupid arguments on this subject. The main one being that, in spite of his being a “good guy,” Harry Potter achieves his goals via magic, which is evil according to the Bible. Again, you must’ve read a different Bible. My Bible cites examples of Black Magic (that supernatural power which comes from Satan) as those which will land someone in Hell. Nowhere in the Bible is there any mention of magic, in and of itself, being evil.

Moses parted the red sea, that’s magic! Don’t even try coming back with “No, that’s the power of God.” Yeah, it’s the MAGICAL power of God, you twit! Jesus turned water to wine, He walked on water, he even rose from the dead! All magic. Don’t tell me magic is evil and anti-Christian, that’s just bullshit. As a matter of fact, one of the very earliest forms of magic is the Quaballah (or Kabballah), which is magic practiced by the Jews (God’s chosen people)! I don’t think God would’ve claimed a people who practiced sinful ways, do you? Wake up and smell your own stinking hypocrisy!

I’ve often heard the argument that Harry Potter teaches children of the Occult. Nevermind the fact that “occult” simply means “the unknown” which is something that children SHOULD learn about (hence the process of learning itself, which is the acquisition of knowledge regarding that which was previously unknown). In Christian-speak, “occult” means anything having to do with magic, basically. Many anti-Potter folks seem to have it in their otherwise empty little heads that J.K. Rowling is giving an accurate picture of Occult practices in her children’s books. As an avid researcher of various religions and beliefs (it’s a hobby), I can assure you that her books bear very little resemblance to anything in the real world. Her books tell about as much about “wizards” as the old TV show Bewitched told about witchcraft (in other words, not much).

The number one thing that pisses me off about all this had GOT to be the fact that you fruit-cake parents are indoctrinating your children against a fantastic series of literature with your antiquated bullshit beliefs! Here’s an example. A few years ago, I was working a summer job as a Camp Counselor. One night, we had a little movie night for the kids and the movie agreed upon (by vote of the campers and staff) was “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.” We have a group of about a half-dozen kids who said they couldn’t watch the movie because they weren’t allowed to (their parents told them Harry Potter was against God). As a result, those children had to miss out on the evening activity that all the other kids got to enjoy! All because their parents are completely full of shit!

And, yes, it IS indoctrination! I asked those children (and continue to ask other kids when this subject is brought up), “What do you think about Harry Potter? Nevermind what your parents think; you have a brain. Make up your own mind about it.” I have yet to come across a child who could answer the question of what they think about it. The reason for that is that these kids DON’T have their own opinions about the matter, they have the opinions of their parents which they’ve been forcefully spoon-fed and brainwashed into accepting as their own. THAT IS NOT RIGHT! You ignorant fucking morons, back off your kids and let them use their own damn brains for something other than absorbing your shit!

When Harry Potter and Hermione Granger start fucking on the Quidditch field, then you can complain that they’re teaching kids anti-Christian values (and, no, the plethora of pornographic Harry Potter stories published on the Internet by people who have nothing better to do don't count)! Until then, SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOU T IT! It’s a childrens’ book, you cunt! Leave it to the kids and stay the fuck out of it!

Harry Potter is not evil. It’s good, clean, wholesome entertainment. Anyone who disagrees is an absolutely moron.

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