America has never let an absence of any real threat ruin a good panic.
-Danny Harkins,
Lord Galen
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Political Parties

Political parties are fucking stupid.

I am neither a right-winger, nor a left-winger. I donít have wings, you fuckiní assholes! I am NOT a maxi-pad and I have NOT been drinking Red Bull! Therefore, no wings, bitch. I like being wing-free. You assholes stay on your little wings, Iím sittiní here in the cockpit drinking coffee and laughing at you! Officially, I have NO political affiliations whatsoever. Iím not a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Communist, Marxist, Dumbest, Stupidest, or any fuckiní thing else. I just think what I think and I donít need some bullshit little pussy label to give my opinions meaning!

You people fuckiní amaze me! You all run around in your little ďpartiesĒ thinking some stupid shit about ďstrength in numbers.Ē Yeah, maybe thatís true if youíre running for President, but NOT if youíre just an asshole with opinions!

Just get the fuck over yourself. Your stupid little pussy ass ďclubĒ for people who think just like you is pointless. Hey, look at me, I rant about how abortion is wrong, so that must make me a Conservative. But, wait, no, Iím in favor of Civil Rights, free speech, and the right of kids to sex education, that must make me a Liberal! FUCK YOU! Iím neither. Iím secure in my beliefs (and in the fact that they are ALL right)! I donít need a bunch of other drones thinking just like me. Jeez, if I met someone else who thought just like me, Iíd probably lose my mind!

Tell me, please, what is so fucking important about your little bitches-only club? Does it make you feel important? Huh? Does it make you feel like your point-of-view is actually worth something when lots of other people agree with you? Pussy! Take a look at history, asshole. How many times have the major opinions and beliefs of society turned out to be completely fucking wrong? Why the hell would you want to be in with THAT crowd?! Your opinion doesnít have to be shared to be RIGHT! Take me for example. Iím always right and hardly anybody fuckiní agrees with me! Yeah, ego-maniacal is the word youíre looking for.

Iím writing this rant now to get this shit cleared up before lots of people find this site. Donít send me retarded ass e-mails labeling me a ďwacky liberal fruitcakeĒ or a ďtight-ass conservative drone.Ē Youíd be wrong on both counts and Iíll just be deleting your mail. Before you try to box me in, keep this in mind. Iím not God. Iím not even a god. However, I do have a mind thatís close to a god-like level. Well, thatís the only conclusion that I can reach. You fuckers are just so far beneath me, what else am I supposed to think? LOL! Anyway, just keep that thought in mind. You canít categorize a deity and I am a god (in my own mind, hehe).

Come onÖ You know you love it when I get all megalomaniacal like this!

Anyway, deity or not, Iím still better than you so just take my word for it that there isnít a single political party out there that isnít totally fucking stupid! You, being a part of one such party, also qualify as being totally fucking stupid too. Have a nice day, shit-for-brains!

"Washington D.C. polititions don't give a
shit about you and me."

-Dennis Miller