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Peer-to-Peer (P2P) File Sharing

Well, I’ll hardly be the first to say this, but I think it bears repeating. The RIAA is fucking stupid! Yeah, I know, it’s kinda this unsaid thing on the Internet, “Uh…well… yeah, it’s illegal, but I’m gonna do it anyway…” You know why it’s illegal? Because of greedy bastards, that’s why!

People have been trading music with other people for as long as recordable media has been around. The RIAA threw a fucking hissy fit back when recordable cassette tapes were first introduced and they wound up causing the price of tapes to go up as a result. This is because every time you buy a pack of blank tapes (yeah, some people DO still buy them), a percentage of the cost goes straight to the RIAA to cover the cost of you making tapes for your friends. Ok, I can deal with that. That’s really not such a bad compromise when you think about it. Not that it would help any. I mean, do the math genius. With a pack of 6 tapes that costs about $3, you can make 6 copies of a tape that’s sold for $12. No way in hell that taking a percentage from the $3 cost of that pack of tapes is going to cover any losses, but whatever. If it makes the RIAA feel better about themselves that they have the power to bully the manufacturers of blank cassettes, then let ‘em get their power trip.

Pop Quiz! What kind of band bitches and moans about people downloading their music? Answer: The kind of band that’s more interested in their profit margins than in the fact that people actually like their shit enough to listen to it! The FANS are the ones who drive the entertainment industry and the FANS are now the ones saying that they’ve found something better and it’s time for the old way to fuck off. A few years ago was when I completely lost all respect I ever had for Metallica. I loved the band (they’ve always been my favorite band), but apparently they don’t love me and my fellow metal heads quite as much in return. Drummer Lars Ulrich got that bug up his ass about people getting their music for free (oh, Heaven help us all, not FREE music, aaaahhhhh). Yeah, God forbid that a few hundred thousand of their fans might download their songs for free and only THEN go out and spend a small fortune on a ticket to one of their shows!

Listen you greedy fucks, I downloaded “Saint Anger” and it was a piece of shit! Maybe if you spent more time writing and working on your music than you do sitting in court trying to get Napster to suck your cocks you’d have put out a decent album this time! Don’t bother sending the cops to my house, I don’t have your fucking album on my computer anymore; it sucked ass. You know what, though? If it had been a good album, I’d have gone right out and bought it! Why? Because when a band does good work, they deserve my cash. You guys are a bunch of fucking sell-outs, more interested in how much of our money you can get instead of seeing us happy with your music. Must be a by-product of getting older. I’ll bet that if we could ask the Lars Ulrich who recorded “Kill ‘em All” back in ’81, we’d get a totally different opinion on the whole subject. In fact, I seem to recall a line from “Motorbreath” off that album… Hmm… I believe it said “..don’t end up like others, the same song and dance.” Wonder what song and dance they were referring to? Possibly the daily grind – the rat race in which people live their lives according to nothing more than how much money they have? Guess you guys should’ve taken your own fucking advice, huh?

It would be too easy to lay all the blame on Metallica, though. Yes, they started the ball rolling but it didn’t take long for the true colors of most musicians to shine through.

It’s just too easy to pick on the poor musicians though. I mean, wouldn’t I feel the same way in their shoes? What if somebody were taking my rants off this site and passing them off as their own work? Wouldn’t I be pissed that my writing (my “art” as it were) is being passed out freely amongst the people and I have no control over it? Well, if it were the same situation, I’d say yes, but it’s not. First of all, no one can pass off a musician’s work as their own. If I were downloading Metallica songs and then claiming that I wrote and sang those lyrics, it’d be understandable. I’m not though, and neither is anyone else. What if people want to copy these rants and pass them around the Internet without even bothering to link to me? Yeah, it’d be a little annoying, but I’m not gonna lose any fucking sleep over it. Hell, I’d be stoked that anyone thought my shit was good enough to rip off! Back to the original question now: If I were in the exact same position as the recording artists, would I be upset about it? Fuck no! I’d just up ticket prices by a few dollars and make up the difference easy! I just don’t get why these bands think they need all that fucking money! Sure, money’s great, but when you’re rolling in it already, who fucking cares?! It’s like Bill Gates bitching that somebody in McDonald’s gave him incorrect change when he bought his supersized Big Mac meal! If you’ve got a million dollars in your pocket, why do you fucking care if a homeless guy steals 10 bucks?

Greed. That’s all it is, plain and simple.

Go out, download your favorite P2P program and get all you fucking want! If the band is good, buy their shit. If they only have 1 or 2 cool songs, don’t waste your damn money. I like IMesh, personally (the hacked versions by Dr. Damn that don’t have any spyware or ads). Here’s a link for that if you’re interested.

Like so many things, downloading music for free may technically be “illegal” but that doesn’t make it wrong.

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