Whether or not God exists is not as important as whether a belief in God exists.
-Daniel Jackson, SG-1
Lord Galen
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People Who Get Offended

Unfortunately, this describes almost everyone! Just about everyone can think of something that "offends" them. Well, y'know what? Not me, asshole! I don't get offended; in fact, I try not to even use that retarded ass word!

Here's how it is. People who get offended are fucking pussies who don't really have faith in the things they claim to believe in so strongly. Think about it, when someone gets "offended" it's because they've just been insulted on a personal level in some way. Like I said, that makes you a pussy.

Let me give an example. Let's say that Brother Bob is walking down the street one day on his way to First Great Holy Whatever Church. He's dressed in his nice minister outfit with his cool little collar and going over his notes as he walks. Let's say that some long-haired, tatooed hippy walks by Bob and says to him "Jesus was a fucking fag and God is dead!" Well, Bob is gonna get all pissed off about that, right? He'll be offended and he'll probably let the hippy know that he's offended.

See what I mean? Brother Bob is a fucking pussy with weak faith! If he REALLY believed so strongly in God and the divinity of Jesus Christ, it wouldn't make one damn bit of difference what negative shit people said. Bob is insecure about his beliefs, deep down, and so he gets "offended" if someone shits on his faith. Hey Bob, suck it up and move on you fuckin' joke!

I'll bet that some homosexual reading this will object to the fact that I used the word "fag" in that example. "Galen, that's a derogatory term and it offends me!" Well, that's because you're not just a fag, but a fucking pussy too! What happened to "Gay Pride" huh? If you were really secure with yourself about who and what you are, it wouldn't matter what the fuck I called you, now would it, asshole? You're gay, so fucking what? It doesn't matter what people call you, if YOU are content and secure with what you are, then what does it fucking matter? Why waste your time getting "offended" and showing off the fact that you're just as homophobic towards yourself as any of the gay bashing morons out there?

This applies to anything and anyone. If you're Jewish, why should it bother you when someone calls you "A fucking Jew?" If you're a goth, why does it bother you to be called a "freak?" The only way any of this shit could ever really bother you is if you're insecure about what you are. You don't really have that much faith in yourself and how "right" your beliefs/practices are for you, so you get pissed when other people reflect those insecurities back at you!

I subscribe to the T-Shirt Hell newsletter. At the end of each issue they have 2 or 3 pieces of hate mail that they've chosen to put on display. Without fail, someone will say that they've been offended by one of the fucked up shirts sold by that site. What the fucking hell?

For example, in the last issue, some bitch was moaning about how her husband was in the armed forces serving in Iraq and this shirt pissed her off:

This is a perfect example of what I mean! The bitch was all pissed off and saying shit about how her husband is risking his life for our freedom and how the guys at T-Shirt Hell shouldn't be making fun of our Armed Forces and shit like that. Well, if they're so great and doing such a great thing, then why the hell are you worried about a damn shirt, dumbass?! Why does that offend you? You obviously must have worries that you husband really IS fucking a camel over there, if it bothers you so much! Seriously though, if your husband is doing such a great thing and you honestly believe in him and his cause, it shouldn't bother you if someone else thinks he's over there fucking camels. I mean, unless you're not really secure with what they're doing over there, it shouldn't "offend" you.

Remember all that bullshit about the Super Bowl half-time and Janet Jackson's tit? Oh boy, that offended a LOT of people, eh? But, why? It's a tit for fuck's sake! There are billions of tits and they all look pretty much the same. All those people who were offended by the site of a breast are people who are insecure about their own bodies (or the human body in general). You're all people who think that the bare human form is "dirty" and "bad" and something to be covered up and "ashamed of." There was NOTHING there to get offended about, you damn assholes!

This is a big problem with the world today. People have gotten the idea somehow that their fucking opinions actually matter. Whatever, asshole! Get a clue. Nobody fucking cares that you're offended. Nobody cares that you're a big cry-baby nancy-boy pussy with nothing better to do than thrust your pathetic insecurities on everyone else in an attempt to drag others into your cess pool of misery! All you "offended" people are like that dumb bitch who sued McDonald's for having HOT coffee!

Just for the record, no I don't think my opinion matters. I'm not disillusioned about it. This site is here for my personal satisfaction because it's fun to let other people know that they're beneath me and then fill them in on exactly WHY they're beneath me (usually it's because people are just plain stupid). So, when someone e-mails me saying that my site sucks, do you think I give a fuck? Why should I? Maybe I should get "offened" and go sue someone for hurting my little feelings? Oh, puh-lease! If you tell me my site sucks, that's fine. I don't think it sucks, so why should that fucking offend me, dipshit?! Your opinion is your opinion and you're welcome to it, just don't get all pissed off and offended when other people tell you that your opinion/belief is totally fucked.

In conclusion... Get off everyone's back, jack-ass. You're a fucking twit who's too damn insecure about yourself to be of any good to anyone. I suggest that you off yourself immediately.

Golly gee willickers, I sure hope this rant didn't offend anyone...

"I'm not offended by all the dumb blonde
jokes because I know I'm not dumb..."

-Dolly Parton