Whether or not God exists is not as important as whether a belief in God exists.
-Daniel Jackson, SG-1
Lord Galen
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Sucking The Fun Out Of Childhood

I'm making damn sure to write this one while it's fresh in my mind and my blood is still boiling! Get a load of this fucking bullshit.

About an hour and a half before now, I was on the playground at school with the class I was subbing in today. It was my favorite 4th grade class and I was just sitting around on the playground watching them have fun. The boys and girls were engaged in a co-ed wrestling match (which is what I find them doing most days). It's pretty cool to watch cuz the boys usually get their asses kicked (not for lack of strength but because they have the decency to not play too rough with the girls even though the girls fight as hard as they can). Well, since I don't see so well out in bright sunlight I was down there in the midst of them so that I could keep an eye on things and make sure that a real fight didn't break out (it happens sometimes when one kid accidentally really hurts someone and the injured party fights back, etc).

So, anyway, there I am sitting and watching the kids having a fuckin' BLAST play-fighting, when I hear a voice from near the building calling to me that I have to stop them. I yelled back that they were fine and that they're just playing and it wasn't real. The teacher (one of our special ed teachers who I dislike anyway... but more on that later) called back that I didn't need to be letting them play like that. Well, being who I am (an arrogant fucking prick) I decided that I needed to go set her stupid ass straight. I walked back up the hill to where she and another teacher were sitting (up against the building, in the shade, on their asses) and said, "Look, you seem to have the idea that these boys are gonna hurt the girls. No, it's the other way around." and I laughed at this.

Well, the bitch proceeded to lecture me on how children can't be allowed to play like that and that it doesn't matter that they're just playing because they're hitting and hitting isn't allowed and blah blah blah blah FUCKING BLAH! I tried to explain (nicely) to the bitch that they weren't really hitting each other and that it was just play. Not only that, but it's completely normal for any child. She argued with this saying that "hitting isn't a normal part of growing up." Uh, excuse me? I guess all those fucking child psychologists have it wrong then when they describe "simulated aggression" as a completely normal (and one of the most basic) steps in a child's social development. The fact that the bitch is a special ed teacher should've meant that I didn't have to waste my time explaining the basics of children's psycho-social development, but alas, she's a fucking moron.

She continued on with her bullshit dispensing saying things like how I'm gonna get sued if a child gets hurt (which is true) and that if they call her to testify she's gonna say exactly what she saw and blah blah blah blah blah (again).

Wanna know what the really bad part of all this is? She was right. Oh yes, she was absolutely right that if a child got hurt while playing, I and the school would be open for a lawsuit. Of course, she neglected to mention the fact that if a kid falls off of a swing or any other playground equipment, we could get sued for that too!

That's the truly tragic thing. It's not so much the fact that this bitch had the nerve to question me (how dare she, the stupid cunt), it's the fact that she was only the messenger of a very distorted society. A society in which the thought of a child actually getting HURT is just too much. Hey, sherlock, newsflash: Children get hurt while playing and it's completely fucking NORMAL! But, oh no, not in our wonderful bullshit society. Here, a child getting hurt is something to be prevented at all costs; even at the expense of the child's normal and healthy play (which is at least as important - if not more - than their intellectual development via the accumulation of facts in school).

Our society has become so twisted and warped in on itself that instead of telling parents in the first place "hey, sorry your kid got hurt, but that sorta shit happens when you're a kid" we actually gave in to them and allowed such precedant to be set.

So, maybe I'll get sued sometime. Hell, maybe it'll be soon cuz that bitch might think it's her "duty" to report me for letting the kids actually have fun. And, you know what? That's just fine by me. Let them sue. Let them fire me. Whatever. The consequences are unimportant to me because the rules are wrong. I WILL NOT sit back and acquiesce to a set of standards that are wrong and patently harmful to those children! I refuse to just sit around and do what everyone else does just because "that's the way it is." Fuck that! The "way it is" is WRONG and if I blindly followed along that misguided path, I would be just as guilty as those who made it this way.

What it amounts to, simply, is this: The kids were playing and having fun like every child does (hell, I and everyone I know used to do that too). They were then told that they're not allowed to do that. I have a huge problem with that and I really don't fucking care who thinks otherwise. Fuck them! I'm right and I know it. I know it, because after those kids were forbidden from playing, they wanted to go back to class. I know it because one boy told me "sometimes when we be playin' out there, we just be playin' so hard that we be bleedin' and we just come in and wash it off cuz don't nobody need to know that." At age 10, these kids have learned already that if they want to actually have any fun, they have to hide it from their elders. So, who's gonna be there to help and "protect" them when one of them really does get hurt? No one, because they'll hide it. That's what our society has taught them to do.

I see a big problem here and you can go fuck yourself if you disagree!

"You wanna know how you can help your children?
Leave them the fuck alone!"

-George Carlin