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Mothers Against Maddox

Wow, this is the second time I'm having to use Maddox's name on my site. Damnit... But, it's for a good cause.

In Maddox's latest article, he starts off bitching about being blocked by Websense and it's funny as hell as you might expect. Then, he mentions this nice new group that's come along called "Mothers Against Maddox." Yup, you guessed it folks, some stupid fucking prude has gotten a bug up her ass about Maddox's website and for over a year now has been pimping a petition to get his site shut down.

Now, you may wonder why this concerns me. Surely, Maddox can deal with his own problems and I shouldn't give a fuck about it. Well, you're right, and I don't give a fuck about them causing him problems. However, this leads to a larger issue.

People like Beth Robbins are an infestation on the Internet. Bored bitchy old housewives who have nothing better to do than scour the Internet looking for things that offend them. Well, to be fair, Beth didn't find Maddox on purpose. No, her son was reading an article on Maddox's site and when good 'ol Mama Beth saw it, she had a fuckin' fit. Oh, it must've been so horrible to discover that her son has a sense of humor! Oh, the shame it must've brought down on her family! She says on her site:

"Ever since my son started going to Maddox's website, I noticed an increase in his hatred towards certain groups of people and his negative attitude towards life."

So, Beth, what you're saying then is that your son is a normal human being? He actually hates some people? Oh, shit, how fucking tragic! I mean, damn, that's completely abnormal when a 14yo boy looks and the world and thinks it's shit. Surely no other 14 year olds have a negative outlook on life... Jesus Tap Dancing Christ, you stupid bitch! It'd be a nice fucking idea if you opened your eyes. I got a news flash for ya:


Damnit, woman, get a grip! I've never met a fucking teenager who didn't "hate certain groups of people" or have a "negative attitude toward life." You blame a goddamn Internet satirist for this shit? Just how fucking retarded are you? I thought life sucked when I was a teenager and I fucking hated everybody! So did all of my friends! So does every teen I currently know! YOU IDIOT!

"I no longer allow my children to connect to the internet without my supervision, because I do not want them to view such trash on the web..."

Oh, I see, that makes perfect sense. So, instead, you'd rather keep your kids sheltered and believing that the world is a great big fucking Candy Land dream with rainbow kisses and chocolate hugs, so that when they actually have to fend for themselves in the real world they'll be completely shocked at what they find and totally unprepared to face reality because YOU thought it was best not to expose them to anything negative. Can you say therapy? I hope so, cuz that's what your kids are gonna need by the time they're about 30! You are the lowest kind of trash; who the fuck are you to pass judgement on other people's trash?!

Look, Beth, lemme be serious with you for a second. I'm sorry that Maddox and God-only-knows how many other sites have offended your delicate sensibilities. But, honestly, do you REALLY think that your personal feelings have preference over Maddox's freedom of speech? Do you HONESTLY believe that what YOU feel and what YOU think should have preference over the most important freedom a person has?

I've got another newsflash for you, Beth: IT'S GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU! You don't like Maddox? Fine, don't visit his site, but HOW DARE YOU presume to pass judgement on behalf of everyone! What if others don't agree with you? What if they enjoy his site and want it to stay around? Is that not important? Are their wishes so meaningless? Why? Because YOU find it offensive? Get the fuck over yourself, you stupid hag.

Your personal sensibilities are meaningless. Keep your little petition going, dumbass, cuz I got another late breaking news bulletin for ya: No matter how many signatures you get, you still can't force Maddox off the web. Even if 50 million people signed that damn petition, the fact still remains that the opinion of 50 million people does NOT override the right to freedom of expression! You have no legal grounds to have him taken down and you have no moral grounds to even want him taken down!

You are a cold, bitter, angry, lonely woman who just wants to start trouble for other people whom you've decided aren't worthy of their slice of the Internet because they offend you. Did you notice how many times I said "you" in that? There's your problem; it's all about YOU and what YOU want and what YOU think and what YOU believe.

Nobody fucking cares what you think. Shut the hell up.