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Lord Galen
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I'm a Maddox Rip-Off

Well folks, it had to happen sooner or later. In fact, I've been wondering just when this was gonna happen. Someone called me a Maddox rip-off.

In case you're not familiar, Maddox is the guy who runs The Best Page In The Universe. It's a hilarious site where Maddox bitches about all kinds of shit that's pissed him off and, as a matter of fact, it was that site which inspired me to create SnipeMe.com. So, in a way, I suppose I am a Maddox rip-off! But, then again.... No, not really.

Wanna know why I was expecting this to come up at some point? It's simple; our feeble-minded little society has bred millions of mouth-breathing little trolls who can't manage to form a coherent thought, much less a sentence, without someone telling them exactly what to do. So, whenever somebody "different" (read: "intelligent") comes along, everyone is left in awe of the great brain-power that they can only dream of. However, if somebody else comes along who's got a fuckin' brain, the masses tend to jump right on the band-wagon of "Oh, you're just ripping off..."

Look, you shit eating little piss worms, just because you don't have a single intelligent original thought floating around in your head doesn't mean that I suffer from the same problem. You wanna know what Maddox and I have in common? It's called a BRAIN, you dumb fuck! Try to follow along here... See, you think that I rip off Maddox because I'm pissed at the world too and actually manage to express it intelligently. You think this because of the fact that the only way YOU could ever do anything this fucking cool is if you stole shit from somebody else. Well, that's just fine for a twit like you, but here's a real shocker for you: I have a brain and can actually express my anger intelligently without having to rip off other people... Ooooohh...ahhhhhh....

Do me a favor, asshole. Spend five minutes on Maddox's site. Then, spend five minutes here. That's about how long it takes to see that the two sites have little in common. Oh, wow, we're both pissed off at the world and we both swear a lot... Holy shit, we must be twins, right?!

Listen, pencil dick, Maddox is hilarious. I mean it, he's funny as hell and even he doesn't seem to take himself seriously. Me? Well, I'm incidentally funny some of the time, but mostly I'm just an asshole and I could give a fuck less whether or not I "entertain" your 2nd grade mentality. Where Maddox is quite funny, I am not. It's very rare when I write a rant just to be funny (although my blowjob rant was pretty good and not at all serious.... hmm... I think that's the only one). Alright, how 'bout I just put this in language you can understand, ok? ....

Maddox funny man - make everyone laugh
ha ha - very angry man but funny too

Galen not funny - Galen talk about serious shit
not make big joke so you go ha ha.

Sometimes Maddox serious but he no mean to be

Sometimes Galen funny but he no mean to be

Ok, we clear on this now? Just because somebody calls you a dumbass and says "fuck you" doesn't mean they're ripping off Maddox. In fact, if you find this kinda shit directed at you so much, it could just be that people fucking hate you, ya ignorant LOSER!

So, from now on, if anyone thinks I'm ripping off Maddox, why don't you just run crying to him about it instead of pissing me off! If I'm such a fucking Maddox rip-off, I'm sure he'll come and sue me whenever he feels like it. In fact, here's a template for you to use:

Dear Maddox,

I'm writing to let you know that this douche bag named Galen is totally ripping you off. He has this website called SnipeMe.com where he talks about things that piss him off and he swears a lot. I think he's violating your copyright or patent or something by doing that, so please go kick his ass or sue him or whatever you do.


Clueless Idiot

To which he'll probably reply: "What the fuck do I care? Everybody wants to be like me; didn't you know?" And guess what, ass hat.... Even if I *were* a Maddox rip-off, I'd still be sitting right here telling you to suck my cock. So, go right ahead and think what you want and I'll still just tell you to eat me.

You wanna see a Maddox rip-off? Just look at the bottom left and then kindly fuck off.

4,928,618 totally clueless idiots think I'm a Maddox rip-off.
Mwahahahahaha! I just couldn't resist the irony of throwing that in!