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Child Legally Victimized by Doctor

The following rant comes from a public post made to a pedophile message board. Apparently, a few people from that board are aware of my site (probably through "Scott" who is a member of this site's board as well as that one) and one of them e-mailed me just a little while ago with a link to one of the posts on that board. At his request, I won't mention his screen name or the URL of the board. However, regardless of the source of this information, the information itself is quite disturbing. My thanks to the anonymous tipster for the heads up about this.

Let's start with the basic story. Since I was asked not to link to the aforementioned message board, I'll have to recount this story in my own words.

One of the board's members had taken his girlfriend's daughter to the doctor's office recently. The girl's mother was apparently too busy with work to take her, so asked her boyfriend to take her, since this was a routine physical exam required by the girl's school. So, the boyfriend took the little girl to get her school physical. At the end, the doctor said that he had to perform a vaginal exam to check the progress of puberty and check for infections, etc. The girl was crying and clung to her surrogate step-father, begging him to not let them do it. The girl's mother was called (at work) and consent was obtained (without bothering to tell the mother how upset her daughter was and how much she did NOT want this being done to her). The girl was taken into a private room and examined vaginally, against her will.

It's ironic that, on a message board for pedophiles, I find this story of how the system was responsible for the abuse of this child! Beyond that irony, I really don't give a fuck WHERE this report came from.

What kind of sick, twisted, fucked-up world are we living in where a scared little girl clings to a pedophile and begs him to protect her from the "normal" people who are trying to abuse her (and abuse her with the full consent of the law, at that)? Am I the only one who sees the irony in that? Our society has become so disgustingly turned in on itself that the "bad guys" are now the heroes and the role models are now the "villians." I am absolutely mortified by these events.

Now, nevermind the obvious irony, let's look at the obvious abuse, instead.

That child was molested, plain and simple. There's simply no other way to put it. Sure, you can give me some bullshit about how it was a doctor and it was just a physical exam and it's routine and it's not like the doctor was doing it for sexual reasons, etc. Don't bother giving me that crap; look at it from that little girl's point of view. She was forced to lie there in tears as a strange man fiddled around with her pussy. Do you think SHE gives a fuck that this man was a doctor? Do you think that SHE cares what his reasons were for doing it? Do you think that the man being a doctor made it any easier for her body to be violated against her will? FUCK NO! This little girl would've been just as traumatized by having to endure this whether the man was a doctor, a child molester, a cop, a teacher or WHATEVER. It makes no difference in her eyes and since her point-of-view is what matters here (and what will result in the trauma) then that is all I am concerned about.

I am, quite frankly, outraged by this. This is yet another example of how children have absolutely no rights whatsoever. A strange man wanted to examine her private parts and when she protested, it made no difference. If this had been a woman (an adult) who'd been given a vaginal exam against her wishes, there would be hell to pay. It would result in a lawsuit and most likely the loss of that doctor's license to practice medicine. WHY was this ALLOWED to happen to a child?!?!?

The point here (and it is NOT a debatable point) is that this little girl said, quite adamantly, the equivalent of "don't touch me there" and she was ignored. As a children's rights advocate - and, hell, just as a human being! - I find this absolutely UNACCEPTABLE! Had this been my child, that doctor would now be lying in a morgue.

That poor child was legally molested!!! It completely staggars me to think that if this same little girl had played "doctor" with a friend, she'd be sent to counseling for years because of consentual play that involved touching, yet when an actual doctor fucks around with her private body parts against her consent and over her adamant protests (and with her in tears the whole time), she's expected to just accept it and get the fuck over it!

HELLO! If you people think that this is "ok" then you are 5,000,000 times more fucking STUPID than I ever imagined in my wildest dreams!!! This little girl was molested, period! She was forced to let a stranger have intimate contact with the most personal and private parts of her body! There is absolutely nothing "ok" about that - NOTHING!!!

If the boyfriend ever reads this (and I hope he does), then listen up. Sue the living flying holy fucking hell out of that doctor! Not just a civil suit, but have his ass locked up in a federal prison for life! This is atrocious. This is horrible. This is something that must be corrected!

Unfortuneately, because of the anonymous nature of the message board where this was first posted, I have no way of contacting the poster unless I register on the board myself (and I'm even considering it, JUST to talk to this guy!). However, I do plan on sending an e-mail, with a link to this rant, to the American Medical Association. I want to know WHY the fuck this is allowed to happen! I may never be able to see justice for that little girl, but damnit I want some fucking anwers and I want them NOW!

To all parents reading this: I certainly HOPE that you never allow this to happen to your child. There is absolutely NO need for a pre-pubescent child to have a vaginal exam unless there's evidence of a problem. Please, parents, do not permit this to go on. If you love your children at all, do NOT subject them to this humiliating, dehumanizing, and traumatic ABUSE at the hands of someone they're supposed to be able to trust!

UPDATE: I have sent the following e-mail to the American Medical Association's Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs.

My name is [real name] and I am the webmaster of, a personal opinion and discussion site.

Recently, I was contacted by an anonymous person and advised of a situation that I might wish to discuss on my site. I ask that you read this article and provide feedback:

(Before visiting that link, please be aware that the article contains extensive use of profanity and vulgarity)

Besides running this website, I am also a card-carrying member of both the ACLU and the National Youth Rights Association (NYRA). As such, I demand answers to this situation. The events discussed in my article are clearly unethical and I would like a quotable response from your organization regarding this issue.

Thank you for your time.

[my real name]
Member: ACLU, NYRA

Awaiting a response....

UPDATE: After about two months of waiting for a response, I sent yet another e-mail to the Board of Ethics:

This is the second e-mail I am sending to you in regards to the following message, which was originally sent on May 31st.

[Put a copy of the original e-mail that I sent here]

Perhaps you do not take the sexual abuse of a child by a doctor as being worthy of a response? Your complete lack of communication on this matter leads me to believe that this is the case. The next article I write on this issue will be entitled "Medical Board of Ethics Doesn't Care About Child Sexual Abuse" This article, along with the original will go to CNN headquarters in Atlanta. Given the way that the mass media loves to hype cases of CSA, I have no doubt that their version of the story will make you look far worse than I ever could.

I suggest that you respond this time.

[my name]
Member: ACLU, NYRA

UPDATE: After two months of waiting and finally sending yet another letter to the board of Medical Ethics, I have finally received a response. The e-mail I received is as follow:

Dear Mr. xxxxxxxxx:

Thank you for contacting the American Medical Association (AMA) and please excuse the delay in this reply. The experience with the health care profession that you describe is troubling. The AMA and its Code of Medical Ethics have always maintained that physicians should practice medicine with compassion and in a caring manner toward their patients, especially children.

The AMA’s Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs (CEJA) has issued a number of opinions that provide guidance to physicians who strive to practice ethically. Enclosed, please find a copy of “Sexual Misconduct in the Practice of Medicine.” [Note: I did find this document enclosed, however it dealt with romantic relationships between doctors and patients - it had absolutely nothing to do with the issue at hand] This official AMA policy clearly prohibits sexual exploitation. Also, you may wish to contact a specialty society to receive information about the appropriate standards for the physical examination of children. Contact information for the American Academy of Pediatrics is provided:

The American Academy of Pediatrics
141 Northwest Point Boulevard
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007-1098
847/434-8000 (Fax)

The Council does not have the legal authority to investigate the facts of sexual abuse allegations. We recommend that you contact the relevant medical licensing board and local law enforcement agency for further investigation. If necessary, the licensing board can take action regarding the physician’s license to practice medicine. The address of the relevant state licensing board is available online.

Nathan Gwynne
Ethics Standards Group

And that, I suppose, is the end of the road. Unless the person who reported this or the stand-in father of that little girl come forward, there will never be anything done about this matter. I'm willing to help them fight for justice for this girl, but I can't do that if I don't even know who the hell they are. I hope one of them will contact me...

"Children are innocent and love justice,
while most adults are wicked and prefer

-GK Chesterton