The people should not pledge allegiance to the government; the government should pledge allegiance to the people.
-Michael Lind
Lord Galen
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Latest Terror Threats

Oh, why look everybody...

The election is drawing nigh and right now the spotlight is on the Democrats.....

Oh, damn, suddenly those wiley terrorists are at it again! What rotten timing, eh?

I mean, isn't it just amazing how terrorist activity has dramatically increased right at this particular time? What an incredible coincidence....

Ok, enough with the sarcasm. You bitches have this coming to ya:


Oh, no, of course the Bush Administration has nothing to do with the terrorists. No, they're not running the show at all. Certainly not.

Got to admit though, they are clever. I figured we'd see another attack on American soil, but just look at what they did? Of course, it's so fuckin' brilliant! You little sheep are so cowed by the mere possibility of those big bad terrorists coming after you that the Bush Administration pretty much just has to say "Boo" and you fall all over yourselfs wanting Uncle George to protect you! Fucking weak-minded BASTARDS! Damnit, and you wonder why I hate you all?

"Galen, shame on you, Bush didn't have anything to do with the terrorists..."

"Oh yeah, just watch... when election time rolls around, we'll hear more from the terrorists."

And now? Now that I've been proven right (big surprise), what will you say? IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU SAY! It never has, you stupid fuck.

Well, anyway, this has been "Galen Gloats" brought to you in part by the Foundation To Kick George Bush Out On His Fat Ass.

"The Wizard's 5th Rule:
Mind what people do, not only what they say.
For deeds will betray a lie."

-Terry Goodkind