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JonBenet Ramsey

Note: This article was written in 2004. For a more recent rant, which covers the whole John Karr charade, read 2006's JonBenet Ramsey, The Sequel

As those who read this site are aware, there are few things in this world that I actually give a flying fuck about. Children just happen to be one of those few things. So, the murder case of JonBenet Ramsey is of particular interest to me. There is nothing on the face of this planet that I absolutely despise like someone who hurts a child and to actually KILL an innocent little kid… I don’t think I even have the vocabulary to describe the type of torture that such a person deserves! Anyway… I’ve followed the JonBenet Ramsey case for several years now, so I’ve decided to write this rant about it. Here we go.

First, I start of with a question. I’m sure everyone has asked this question at some time or another, but here it is again: Why the FUCK are her parents still running around FREE?! Hello! Stupid! It doesn’t even take a fucking retard to see that they did it! Sure, everyone just “knows” they did it, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the evidence. Pure, hard, cold, FACTS that cannot be disputed – those are what point to John and Patricia Ramsey as the ONLY possible murderers of that little girl! So, this being the case (and it is), why in the holy fucking hell are they not strapped down on a gurney by now?!

Let me answer my own question here, since it’s doubtful that any of you could answer it. They’re still free because the police in Boulder, Co. are fucking LOSERS who can’t even follow the most basic police procedures in relation to securing a fucking crime scene! As soon as the first cop arrived on the scene, that house should have been CLEARED of everyone who wasn’t wearing a badge! That is the FIRST and most IMPORTANT rule of securing a crime scene!!! Was this rule followed? This simple little rule that’s drilled into cops as much as wiping their asses? HELL FUCKING NO! The cops stood around having idle chit-chat and basically throwing a goddamn tea party with the “remorseful” Ramsey family. Then, not only did they not kick everyone the fuck out, they let MORE people in! ARE THEY FUCKING RETARDED?! So, now we have a crime scene (believed to be the scene of a kidnapping at that time) with lots of unauthorized people standing around in the living room. Not so bad, right? Pretty fucking stupid and shit that even a 1st day rookie wouldn’t do, but still not so bad…yet. The cops decide that all these people sitting around might as well be put to work. So, they send John Ramsey (JonBenet’s father) and another person to search one part of the house while they search the rest. Can you see what’s coming? For some strange unknown reason (sarcasm there), John Ramsey wasted no time in going straight to the basement room where his daughter’s body was discovered (by him). Hmmmm… Coincidence? I’ll let you decide that; can’t spoon-fed you the fact all the damn time.

Now, I know, there’s lots and lots of people out there who say “No, the Ramsey’s didn’t do it; they loved JonBenet. They’d never hurt her!” Oh really? Then perhaps you can explain to me WHY at least one of them was sexually molesting her? Oh, what’s that? They weren’t? You don’t believe that? That’s because you’re stupid! Well, at least, you’re too stupid to understand the evidence that is publicly available. The following quote comes from the autopsy report of JonBenet Ramsey; specifically, the section dealing with the examination of the vaginal mucosa (the lining of the vagina):

"All of the sections contain vascular congestion and
focal interstitial chronic inflammation."

Not surprising to you, right? Of course not, that dirty evil intruder molest JonBenet before he killed her! Everybody knows that, right? Riiiiight… And if you had a fucking brain, you’d be dangerous. The report refers to “chronic” inflammation. In medical terms, the word “chronic” is defined as ”being long-lasting and recurrent or characterized by long suffering”. In other words, a chronic condition is one that DIDN’T just show up, moron! The chronic inflammation in JonBenet’s vagina is proof that she had been molested at least 3 to 4 days prior to her death! IDIOT, wake up! She was the victim of ongoing sexual abuse! Not only that, but she was abused in exactly the same way only moments before her death! Yes, the autopsy report DOES tell specifically how she was abused: A right-hand index finger (on a rubber-gloved hand) inserted into her vagina is evidenced by the damage to the 7:00 position of the vaginal wall referred to in the autopsy report as well as the minor bruising to the right labia majora (the labia majora are the outer “lips” of the genitals, in layman’s terms).

Now, confronted with medical PROOF that she was an ongoing molestation victim, do you still think her parents are so fucking innocent? Someone in that house was fingering that little girl on a regular fucking basis, but I suppose it was just a coincidence that her murderer just happened to abuse her in exactly the same way (even rubbing precisely the same spot of the vaginal wall – the 7:00 position) on the night she was murdered, right? Give me a fucking break! I suppose the fact that only a quarter of her hymen (“cherry”) was present (and that this was not a recent occurrence) doesn’t mean anything either, eh? If you still believe in her parents’ innocence after reading that, then you’re a fucking sick bastard too!

I’ve said all I need to say. Her parents are guilty, plain and simple. They will most likely never be brought to justice now. I can only hope that the God I have faith in will be true to His words, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay.” May John and Patricia Ramsey burn in the hottest fires that Hell has to offer! May Jesus never forgive them – NEVER! In fact, I hope that when they ask for forgiveness, Jesus comes down and opens a can of Almighty Whoop-Ass on both of them! Fuck them! I hope they die like William Wallace; red-hot metal steak up the ass and all the way through! And I hope that JonBenet gets a weekend pass to visit Hell and take a big shit right on their heads! GOD DAMN THEM BOTH TO HELL!

Galen’s memorial to JonBenet Ramsey

"What greater pain could mortals have
than this: To see their children dead
before their eyes? "


"Vengeance is mine; I will repay, thus
sayeth the Lord "

-Romans 12:19