There's no time to discriminate; hate every motherfucker that is in your way.
-Marilyn Manson
Lord Galen
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The Dangers of the Internet

Make sure you say that title with a loud booming “monster truck rally” announcer voice.

There are news articles in print, on TV & radio, and all over the Internet about how “dangerous” the internet can be (especially for kids) and all the horrifying dangers awaiting you online. Oh, yeah, there’s all kinds of bad people just lurking around the Internet waiting for kids to log on. Anyway, I just had to write this article in response.

OH PLEASE! The Internet is dangerous? Says who? The media? Law Enforcement? The government, perhaps? Oh, and they’ve never been known to be full of shit before right? Not like any of those establishments ever lies about anything! All this hype over how dangerous the Internet is and how it’s unsafe for your kids is precisely that – hype.

You want to know what makes the Internet so dangerous in the eyes of the media, the cops, and the government? Simple, it’s a free and open world where just about anything can be said or read without reproach. In spite of how “fake” Cyberspace is, it’s the most honest environment around. The media worries and frets over the Internet because it has the potential to expose all their hyped-up bullshit stories for the garbage and half-truths they really are. The cops and government fear it for the same reasons.

For the first time in history, the average person has the ability to talk to other people throughout the world and find information directly instead of having it spoon-fed to him through the clouded lens of media stereotypes and biases or through the politically-motivated perceptions of his government. When you can communicate with the whole world, it makes it hard to believe all the bullshit fed to you by those in the business of manipulating information.

And so, since the Internet (or any form of free and open communication between the masses) is so dangerous to them, they must do everything they can to make sure that YOU think it’s dangerous too.

And what about your kids, then? Are there pedophiles lurking in chat rooms all over the Internet? Yup, they sure are. They’re hanging around the many pedophile chat rooms that can easily be found talking to other pedophiles about whatever things pedophiles talk about. If there are any underage people to be found in these rooms, it’s usually some 16 year old guy who got a boner from the 5 year old girl next door and he wants to know if that makes him a perv too. But, that’s not what you really meant by that question, eh? Are there really pedophiles lurking in chat rooms looking for kids to hook up with in real life? The answer is NO. Oh sure, there could be one or two sitting around in Disney chat or something who’re so desperate for the company of a child that they’ll settle for talking to one even in a controlled and heavily monitored environment. But the idea that there are pervs sitting at their computers saying “hey little girl, sneak out of your house and met me somewhere” is nothing more than a myth! Those people simply do not exist! So, get the fuck over that little delusion. There aren’t any baby raping perverts hiding in the shadows of a chat room hissing “come here little girl….I’ve got some candy for you….” In fact, in preparation for writing this rant, I e-mailed a few random pedophiles (yes, they’re quite easy to find online) and asked them their opinion of this myth. The response from all of them was basically that anyone stupid enough to try picking up kids in a chat room was a fucking idiot and deserved to get his ass kicked by whatever angry parent caught him. They actually seemed a bit amused that people are really stupid enough to believe all that crap. Well, it seems I have at least one thing in common with them then, cuz I’m fucking amazed by it too! Look, when even the pedophiles start thinking you people are nuts, that should be some kinda sign!

You want to know what the Internet will cause to happen to children? Really? It will cause them to learn about things that you don’t want them to know about. It will cause them to discover the truth about things that you’d rather be kept from them. It will cause them to grow up without being the little government-controlled SHEEP that most of you are! Knowledge is power and the Internet contains (for the most part) the sum of human knowledge. Your kids will be empowered by that knowledge and maybe that’s what really scares you because then they might see through all the bullshit you try to push on them! That’s certainly what scares the government and media organizations when it comes to the Internet.

Sure, there’s a some stupid and even sick shit online, but seeing a tit isn’t going to make your son a rapist and seeing a dick isn’t going to make your daughter a nymphomaniac! And if by some odd chance your daughter arranges to meet with some old perv in real life, it just might be because she’s looking for some form of love or attention that she’s not getting at home. As long as you’re not a fucked up bullshit excuse for a parent, you should have nothing to worry about.

I’m pretty pissed off with seeing all the online pervs getting the blame for shit! If your kid found a pedophile online, it was because he/she sought them out and the reason for that search is something that started at home, with you. As long as you’ve raised your kids right, you don’t have a damn thing to worry about when they get online.

The Internet is only dangerous if you’re a bad parent! So, ask yourself, is the Internet dangerous?

“There is no knowledge that is not power”
-Mortal Kombat 3