Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable
-John F. Kennedy
Lord Galen
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I Hate You

No, really, I DO! I've been noticing lately that sometimes when I'm an asshole, people act all surprised and shit. WHY?! I've never made it a secret that I'm a fucking heartless bastard, yet you people still act like I'm supposed to fucking care if your feelings are hurt or if your dog died or whatever. No, FUCK YOU!

I understand though. Really, I do. There are so many websites (and radio shows, talk shows, etc) run by people who run around screaming "I'm an asshole! Hey, look at me everybody, I'm an asshole! I don't care about anything! Yippeeeee!" They do this because these days (especially on the Internet) it's "cool" to be an asshole or an uncaring prick.

So, since you've been misled by all these fucking pansie rip-offs for so long, I'm thinking it's time you got a wake-up call to just what kind of fucker you're dealing with here.

First off, I AM an asshole! Anyone who knows me in real life can verify this. Sure, I have things that I care about and occassionally I give a fuck about an actual person (maybe even YOU if the mood strike me), but SO FUCKING WHAT?! Everybody has their moments when they're mean or short-fused and it's out of character for them, right? Why the hell do you think I'm any different? I have my moments when I care about someone's feelings or what someone thinks or what someone's opinion is - and that is most definately OUT OF CHARACTER for me!

I'm not sitting here on this website trying to be "cool." I couldn't give less of a fuck about being "cool." I'm a fucking computer nerd, who collect swords, has a Ham Radio license, is a licensed PC technician and I make it a point to watch Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim" every fucking night! Get a clue, you neanderthals, I don't give a flying fuck what you think of me!

Wanna know something else? This website is here just for ME! I put this up to express my opinion and I'm kind enough to ALLOW others to express theirs as well. I'm all about freedom of speech. However, I really don't give a rat's ass if you all pack up and leave right now. Go on, get the fuck off my website if ya want! Don't give a fuck! I personally don't care if anyone is even reading this. This website could get 10 hits throughout the course of the year and I'd be just as happy as if it got 10 billion hits. You wanna read my shit, that's fine and I'm glad you're reading it, BUT I didn't fucking ask you to come here so don't go thinking that I owe you something; I don't!

And, quite frankly, none of you really know shit about me. If you DID know me, truly, most of you would fucking hate my guts. In fact, you'd wish me dead and not think twice about it. That's the BEST reason for hating all of you - you're all the enemy! Most of you are my fucking enemy and you don't even know it. So, go fuck yourself, will ya?

Yeah, I'm full of hate, but none of it's self-hatred which is more than I can say for most of you. I'm full of hate for YOU, the world and I don't see that ever changing unless a LOT of minds open up. That's not gonna happen though, so the only thing I can do about it right now is to sit here on my pathetic little website and scream into the wind trying to tell you all how to live your lives because most of you are too fucking stupid to figure it out for yourselves!

This has been a public service announcement by me, Galen. If you should ever find yourself under the illusion that I care whether you live or die much less whether you visit my stupid fucking website, read this again (I don't care, btw).

I'm going to take a shit now and I'll be sure NOT to wipe, just so you can have something to look forward to when you KISS MY ASS!

"There's no time to discriminate; hate every
mother fucker that is in your way"

-Marilyn Manson