Any fool can make a rule, and every fool will mind it.
-Henry David Thoreau
Lord Galen
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Yeah, you knew this was coming. With all the hype about gays being allowed to get married in Massachusetts, I just had to open my big mouth and bitch about it.

So, what’s my position on homosexuality? My position is that only ignorant, closed-minded, Neanderthal, hillbilly, bigots have a problem with it. Anybody with half a fucking brain can understand that it doesn’t matter who other people are fucking, as long as they’re not fucking YOU!

Just who the fuck are YOU to stick your nose into someone else’s bedroom? As if you are the be-all and end-all of morality! Actually, I’d like to ask what’s so fucking “immoral” about being gay? Tell me, WHY is it immoral? Don’t give me “because the Bible says it’s a sin.” I’m about to tackle that one. If you’re gonna actually answer the question, give me an answer that has nothing to do with religion. If you can’t provide me with something scientifically provable that’s wrong with homosexuality, then you need to keep your fucking mouth shut, asshole!

Now, about the issue of “being gay is a sin.” Yes, according to the Bible, it is a sin. I have my doubts as to the legitimacy of some things in the Bible though, and that is one of them. However, for the sake of argument, let’s assume that the words in the Bible are those inspired by God and they haven’t been tainted or tampered with by mortals. In that case, homosexuality is a mortal sin. And your point is…? Perhaps you need to read that Bible of yours more closely, dumbass. Yes, it IS a sin, however the Bible says that there is no degree of sin; one sin is just as bad as any other. Murdering someone is just as bad as telling a little white lie, in God’s eyes. It is not the nature of the sin that matters to God, it is the fact that you sinned – period. Now, another thing the Bible says that you apparently missed is that EVERYONE sins! Jesus Christ Himself said that it is not possible to be perfect, everyone sins. It is impossible NOT to sin, no matter how hard you try!

So, here are the Biblical facts: (1) Homosexuality is a sin. (2) No sin is any better or worse than another sin. (3). Everyone sins.

Are you getting the fucking picture yet, you Bible-thumping hypocrite?! YOU have sinned, yourself (unless you think Jesus was wrong everyone having sins, that is)! Since your sins (whatever they may be) are no better than the sin of Homosexuality, in the eyes of God, YOU are no better than a “sinful” Homosexual! You are in precisely the same boat as the gay man that you condemn! Does this mean you’re going to Hell right along with him? Certainly not! Since it’s not possible to live sin-free, doesn’t it make since to you that God might just have a way of judgment that is superior to our own? Why do you think it is necessary for Jesus to come and “judge” us in the final days?

I say this to you wannabe Christian idiots: If a gay man has committed no sin other than Homosexuality and has otherwise lived a good Christian life, he WILL be in Heaven – no doubt about it! In fact, I can say with 100% certainty that there will be many gays who get into Heaven a lot easier than many of the people who call themselves Christians! I strongly suggest that you give that some real thought (you know, that thing your brain is supposed to be used for) before bashing another “queer” or condemning them all to Hell.

See, I’m multi-talented. You punks think all I can do is sit here and cuss at you all day long with my biased opinions. Ha! I just took the Bible and slapped you upside the head with it, BITCH!

And now, let’s talk about the so-called “sanctity of marriage.” Oh, marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman. Puh-lease! Have you seen the divorce rate, recently? Over half of these “sacred” man & woman unions end (and rather quickly too). If the gays think they can do a better job at spending a life together, I say FUCKING LET THEM! Leave them the fuck alone! Hell, they probably CAN do a better job at it than most of you heterosexuals! Marriage IS a sacred union between two people who love each other and are committed to spending their lives together as equal partners.

One more thing on gay marriages. George Bush refers to it as an attack on American family values. What the fuck?! George W. Bush, YOU are an attack on America itself! Who the fuck are YOU to dictate what our family values should be? Who the fuck is anybody to do that, for that matter?! You leave my damn family values alone – and everyone else’s too – you stupid fuck!

On to some more gay rights issues.

Should Homosexuals couples be allowed to adopt children? FUCK YES! Heterosexuals have been screwing up children for thousands of years, and now you have the nerve to think it’ll be worse because the parents are GAY?! What the hell is wrong with you people? Fuck off!

Ok, I think that’s all the gay rights issues I’ll bitch about for now. Let’s have a little review for the slow people (that’s most of you).

(1) – It’s none of your damn business what consenting people do with each other’s various body parts.

(2) - Even if being gay IS a sin, it’s still no worse than anything you’ve done. So shut the fuck up about it.

(3) – Gay marriage is not BAD. It’s not WRONG. It’s not an attack on any morals. It’s just two people who genuinely love each other agreeing to be partners for life.

(4) – Gay couples CAN have children. They won’t corrupt the children and the children aren’t going to “turn” gay. It’s not contagious, you fucking twit and the “influence” means nothing. A child who’s born heterosexual isn’t going to change because they grow up with gay parents, dipshit. And, yes, it IS a matter of nature. If you disagree, that’s your fucking problem – just you being wrong, as usual.

(5) – There’s nothing wrong with being gay. NOTHING. That is an absolute and immutable fact! Deal with it, and move on.

This concludes today’s lesson. I hope someone reading this will wake the fuck up! Stop being an idiot. For fuck’s sake, please stop being stupid, will ya?

"Forbear to judge for we are sinners all."
-William Shakespeare

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible
will make violent revolution inevitable"

-John F. Kennedy