Wizard's Tenth Rule: Willfully turning aside from the truth is treason to one's self.
-Terry Goodkind
Lord Galen
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Surprise to all of you, yes I do believe in God. It makes no fucking sense to me that the universe and everything in it (including us) just go here by some cosmic accident. What the hell kinda retarded ass theory is that? You walk through the woods and find a computer laying in a meadow, do you just assume that it “evolved” there?” No, stupid, it’s a complex device and so it’s obvious that someone built it! The human body is a million times more complex than even the most advanced super computer, so why do you think that we “evolved” when something less advanced than us can’t?

The best answer I’ve ever heard to that: Well, computers are artificial. They’re made out of plastic and metal, but we’re made out of organic components.

Well, big fuckin’ whoop! You people really gonna tell me that your first instinctual response to that is to say “Yeah, we evolved and computers didn’t. It’s obvious cuz we’re not made out of the same thing! Duh…..” Really, honestly, the first thought that comes to your mind is that the building material for a complex device somehow has relevance as to its origin? What has one thing got to do with the other?

Anyway, enough on that. If you don’t believe there’s a God, you never will and I’m not wasting my time trying to drill it into your stupid ass.

So, yes, I believe in God. What I don’t believe in is Organized Religion. Religion is just a fucking mental orgy for whoever happens to run a particular religion. It’s just one more way for someone to control your gullible ass! Do you know what most rednecks in the South give as their excuse for why they don’t think blacks & whites should marry? They quote the Bible saying something about how the “tribes” (or races) shouldn’t mix. Newsflash, Mr. Trailer-park, the Christian Bible does NOT say that! Nope, not anywhere in either the Old or New Testament is that statement ever made. So, why do so many ignorant people believe it? Someone told them the Bible says that. Some ignorant, racist, redneck fuck of a minister decided to tell his flock that the Bible says this and so everyone believes it. And here we see a prime example of the power of Organized Religion over people’s minds. If the minister says it’s in the Bible, the religious person just fucking believes it! Half the shit that I’ve “heard” is in the Bible is NOT there!

Christianity, in and of itself, is a great faith to follow. Really it is. The trouble with it is that people are a necessity to it. People, you see, tend to fuck up things that would be great otherwise. All the atrocities committed by the Church throughout history have been the acts of greedy, evil, power hungry people who convinced the sheep they were right and that God agreed with them. The burning of heretics and witches, the inquisition, etc. None of these things are ever mentioned in the Bible! Nowhere in the Bible did it say to go out and murder those who disagree with God. In fact, I seem to recall something about it being a sin to take another’s life. I also think I just might remember Jesus saying something about loving your enemy. Hmmmm……

The same is true of the Muslims in relation to all that 9/11 stuff. When the fuck did Alla tell anyone to go killing thousands of people? Nope, it’s not the Muslim faith that is the problem, it’s those who have corrupted and perverted it into a “Religion.”

Christianity and every other faith has the same problem. They all have basic teachings (the Bible, the Koran, etc) but no one fucking pays attention to them! Instead, everyone would just rather believe what Brother Bob tells them about God and what Jesus wants them to do. There aren’t any religions which call for horrible and violent acts against anyone. Hell, even the organized Church of Satan states that murder and violence is wrong!

Religions are not the problem – people are (and always have been) the problem! If people could manage to just follow a fucking belief system without twisting it and distorting it towards their own selfish megalomaniac ends, the world would be a much better place.

That won’t happen anytime soon though. Human nature ruins everything that is good. That’s the lesson you should learn from this. Human beings fuck everything up and LOVE doing it!

“A fanatic is a nut who has something to believe in”
-Dean Koontz, “Lightning”