The foolish man think with narrow mind and speak with wide mouth.
-Charlie Chin
Lord Galen
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Gay Marriage Amendment

Now, seriously, what the fuck is this bullshit? Bush wants to amend the constitution to prevent homosexual marriage!

That pisses me off pretty bad. I'm fuckin' serious here. How DARE that pompous bastard try to make it the government's business who is allowed to get married! Of all the things he's done, this is one of the worst. Nevermind all his other bullshit for the moment, let's just focus on this.

This has to be a new low for the Bush Administration. A Constitutional Amendment! A fucking amendment! The ACLU refers to this as "writing intolerance into the Constitution" and I agree. There have been similiar attempts in the past to ban inter-racial marriage and they have been struck down by the Supreme Court one after the other. I fail to see how this is any different.

The 14th Amendment guarantees that every person who is a born or naturalized citizen of the United States is entitled to exactly the same rights as everyone else. It places no stipulations on whether or not a particular citizen is white, black, gay, straight, young, or old. It grants those rights to EVERYONE. I guess Heir Bush doesn't give a flying fuck about the Amendments and rights that are already in place, though (big surprise). Well, TOUGH SHIT, you prudish mother fucker! The fact that most states won't allow homosexuals to get married is a violation of their civil rights already, but now Bush wants to justify this violation with an Amendment? And an Amendment that would directly contradict the 14th Amendment, at that!

Now, please, don't give me this bullshit about how marriage is a religious institution and therefore the government can't regulate it. Newflash, moron, the government already DOES regulate it! You can have a preacher say all the fucking vows you want all damn day long and it STILL won't be a legal marriage unless you have a marriage license issued by some government authority! It can be a state license or a federal license or even a license issued from a foreign government (if you got married in another country, as I did). However, no church in the world has the authority to make a marriage legal. They perform a ceremony and, yes, they make it legal under God's law, but not under the laws of mankind (which is what we're talking about here). So, if the government were to give the OK to gay marriage, churches would still have the right to refuse to perform a wedding ceremony. THAT is where the seperation of church & state comes in. Nowhere else.

You can sit back and hate 'em if you want. You can call 'em fags, queers, or anything else. That is your right and it is protected under the 1st Amendment. However, what you may NOT do is prevent them from partaking of their rights as American citizens! We all have the right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." The government protects gays on the first two counts (life and liberty), however they fail miserably on the third count! Indeed, they don't just fail, they're trying to outright PREVENT homosexuals from pursuing happiness in the form of a life-long loving commitment to one another.

This is horrid and disgusting. We, the American people, are the ones in charge of the Government (in case you forgot) and it is our DUTY as citizens to prevent the government from over-stepping its bounds. This proposed Amendment is a gross misuse of power and an attempt at legalizing bigotry against gays! Don't let them get away with this!

Fight Back!

Visit the ACLU's Action Center to send
a fax to your representatives urging
them to oppose this Amendment.