Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.
-Hanlon's razor
Lord Galen
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Fuck you, Michael Bloomberg!

The following rant is based on this news story

Read the fuckin' story first. I'm not repeating it for your benefit.

Now, Bloomberg... Oh my fucking God, I HATE fascist fucking pricks like that bastard!!!

Freedom of Speech is a privilege that can be lost if it's abused??? FUCK YOU! Here I am, right here, doing what YOU what call "abusing" the "privilege." Come on down here to Georgia and take my goddamn freedom away, you pompous son of bitch! It's easy enough to find where I live, you asshole, I FUCKING DARE YOU to bring your lily white communist ass down here and step up in my face, BITCH! You wanna take my freedom of speech away, you pathetic little shit? Come take it!

Get this through you Marxist little head: The freedom to express oneself openly, honestly, and in whatever manner we see fit is one of the inalienable human RIGHTS that the founding fathers spoke of in the Preamble to the Constitution! Let's examine that phrase, shall we? Human Rights; as in, rights that come from nothing more than simply being a human being. Inalienable; as in something that it is impossible to alienate us from! Freedom of Expression is a BIRTH RIGHT that all human beings have! Dictators and assholes like you may supress that right, but that doesn't erase it from existance. Even when people aren't allowed to speak freely, the right still exists! Fucking scuzzy little shit bags like you might oppress the people's excersize of that right, but the right is there nonetheless!

But, hey, fine. Let's play it your way. Since you think it's a privelege then I hereby strip you of it, asshole! I think YOU should be punished for expressing yourself the way you did! I think Hillary Clinton should flog you in Times Square at high noon on September 13th (cuz that's my birthday and I'd love nothing more than to see that shit!). Not just any old flogging, either. I mean, she needs to take a fuckin' bamboo cane and beat your ass until you can't even form a coherent thought! Oh, wait... too late.

Bloomberg, you can suck my fuckin' dick and like it! If the people have ANY sense at all, they'll vote your ass straight out of office the first chance they get. Actually, come to think of it, you need to be impeached! You took an oath to "uphold and defend the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic." Now, you have blatantly strolled out in public, dropped your pants and taken a great big shit on the Bill of Rights and then wiped your ass with the trust placed in you by the people of this nation! You don't deserve to stay in office for one more second!

You're an asshole. You've always been an asshole, but now you've gone too far. You constantly oppress views that are against you and against the GOP and I'm here to tell you that it's time to fucking STOP IT!

You seem to love oppressing the anti-Republican viewpoint so much, why don't you come oppress me, bitch? Hell, I'm not even anti-Republican, I'm just anti-fascism, you piece of shit bastard! So, come on down and oppress me, big man. I dare you. Try to silence me, fuck face! I wish you would... I truly do fucking wish you would! You better pay attention to the fact that I'm an ACLU member, shithead! C'mon and get me! That'll give me all the excuse I need to sic the ACLU lawyers on your sorry ass!

Ladies and gentlemen, take this as the lesson here: WE THE PEOPLE run this country, not THEM. The government works for US. Michael Bloomberg works for US. It is taxpayer money that pays him and it is the votes of Americans that give him his job and it is also the votes of Americans that can fire his stupid ass!

Kick Michael Bloomberg right the fuck out of office!

"The strength of the Constitution lies
entirely in the determination of each
citizen to defend it."

-Albert Einstein

God mercy on the slow of heart.
The heart of hand that slap and sting.
They do not know the pain they start
Nor understand the death they bring.

And if the mercy of the Lord
Will not apply to villains, well....
Then may they get their just reward
And rot their stinking souls in Hell.

-Gregory Maguire