Wizard's Sixth Rule: The only sovereign you can allow to rule you is reason.
-Terry Goodkind
Lord Galen
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The Freedom of Speech and Expression

Everyone says that they believe in free speech and expression. Who wouldn’t want free speech, after all? However, as much as everyone says it, they quite often don’t mean it.

The true test of your commitment to the belief in free speech and anti-censorship is whether or not you would defend the right to feelings and expressions that you are morally opposed to. Be honest with yourself now and answer this question: If I (or anyone) says something that you strongly disagree with or that you think shouldn’t be said, do you feel that we shouldn’t be allowed to say it? Don’t lie, mother fucker!

Most people feel this way to some extent or another. Well, not me. I’m thinking you’re all a bunch of fucking hypocrites! Let’s look at an example of what I’m talking about; shall we?

All around the Net, there are various websites devoted to hatred. The KKK has a website, the Neo-Nazis have a website, every big name hate group has some form of outlet by which they express their views. Most anti-racists agree that these sites have no business being online and that they should be taken down immediately. Not me. I am the most anti-racist person you will ever meet (I can guarantee it), however, that does NOT give me the right to say that a racist group has no right to express their opinion. As sick and twisted as that opinion may be, they have a basic irrefutable right to express it in any legal way that they see fit! I don’t agree with them and I personally wish that they would all just fucking die, but I will still defend their RIGHT to be who they are and express what they believe.

Want another example of an even more hated group of people? Pedophiles. How many times do you suppose the NAMBLA site has come under attack? How many times do you suppose people have tried to pursue legal action to get their website (and, indeed, their entire organization) shut down? Lemme tell you, I have no sympathy whatsoever for fucking child molesters – NONE! However, an extensive look at the NAMBLA site reveals nothing illegal whatsoever. In fact, their site has this to say about it:

“NAMBLA does not provide encouragement, referrals or
assistance for people seeking sexual contacts. NAMBLA
does not engage in any activities that violate the law, nor
do we advocate that anyone else should do so.”

Yeah, they could be lying, however the last time I checked, the rule of thumb was still “innocent UNTIL PROVEN guilty” …or something like that. In the absense of any proof that they've broken the law, I'm forced to take their word for it. Anyway, my point here is that even though I disagree with NAMBLA, I also disagree with the multitudes who believe that they shouldn’t be allowed to express their opinions. It is not our place to put limits on free speech just because we don’t like what’s being said. Damn, that was good, let me say that again a little louder so maybe you fucking retards can get it this time:


The freedom of speech and expression is a RIGHT, not a privilege that can be revoked when someone thinks it’s being abused. Get this through your fucking heads! Freedom (in any form) is not a relative concept – it is absolute! The freedom to express ourselves applies equally to those who say “bad” things.

Let me get your attention back. You’ll probably need to re-read the last few paragraphs. I know, you’re still trying to get over being pissed that I “defended” racists and pedophiles. Let me set your mind at ease: I am not defending either group! I will not EVER defend either group! However, as of right now, it is not illegal to simply BE a racist and it is not illegal to simply BE a pedophile. What is illegal is act on the desire to kill a black person or molest a child. It is not illegal to have those desires or to express those desires, it is illegal to ACT on them! Simply being a racist doesn’t actually hurt any racial group. Simply being a pedophile doesn’t actually hurt any child. This is an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT concept here. It is the difference between thought and action! Between feelings and crimes.

Why is this difference I speak of so important? Who really fucking cares if a racist has never done anything against a black person? Who really fucking cares if a pedophile has never even looked at a child wrong? They still shouldn’t even be allowed to exist, right? And they damn sure shouldn’t be allowed to express themselves, right? WRONG! This is an important point because it opens up a whole can of worms that NO ONE wants opened. Once we cross that line and say that it’s illegal to simply “BE” something that’s hated by society, that is when we’ve entered the realm of Orwell’s 1984. For anyone who’s read it, remember the “thought police?” Remember what a terrifying concept that was? The very idea that thoughts could be made illegal and punishable…wow…that’s just fucked up. Yeah, it is fucked up and it’s going on right here in America today!

That is the concept that we risk making a reality. When everyone is in agreement that certain “ideas” are wrong and should be outlawed completely, that’s where we start sliding down the slippery slope that leads to thoughts being legislated by the government.

I chose to use racists and pedophiles as my examples because they are the two most universally hated groups that I could think of. Everyone that isn’t one, hates them vehemently. That’s an important point as well. You see, this is a very very VERY old trick that has been used (successfully) by governing bodies since the dawn of civilization. You start out by attacking the group that your society hates the most. Once you’ve got a universal hatred for them established, you make the declaration that “due to public outcry” they will no longer be tolerated in “civilized society.” This leads to the mass persecution of people whose only crime is that they belong to a group that people hate. Don’t believe me? Do I really need to bring up tragic things like the Crusades, the Inquisition, the burning of witches at the stake, the public beatings and sometimes murders of blacks and homosexuals? Most of those people who suffered NEVER did anything wrong and NEVER broke any law other than the “law” that said they were not allowed to exist.

People, we do NOT need to go down that road. Regardless of your personal opinions, we need to stand strong and support the rights of people everywhere, including the people we disagree with. If a racist says “I hate niggers” that’s awful, but it is his right to say that and to feel that way. If a pedo says “Wow, that 10 year old girl/boy is hot” that is a really sick and disgusting statement, but it is a sick and disgusting statement that they have the right to make!

I see a lot of everyday examples of this sort of thing. I’m not talking about the extreme example of racists and pedos and sick people like that; I’m talking about normal everyday shit. Pro-life people who feel that pro-choicers should not be allowed to distribute their “dogma” (or vice versa); Christians who think that the Satanic Bible should be banned for all time; Animal rights activists like PETA who think steak-house menus should all be burned (sadly, that’s not a joke – I’ve heard some of them say it); Feminists who lobby to get “The Man Show” cancelled. I could go on and on about this kind of shit. It’s everywhere and it’s sick and disgusting.

Yeah, that’s right, you heard me, it’s sick and disgusting! Of all the evil things in this world, NOTHING is worse than believing that your enemy should have his right to oppose you taken away!

We are not gods. It is not in our power to decide who gets to speak and who doesn’t. Everyone is allowed to speak their minds, even if they’re wrong or completely fucked in the head! Neither you nor anyone else has the right to tell someone else “You can’t say that!” or “You shouldn’t be allowed to say that!’

This has been another installment of "Galen sets your stupid bitch-ass straight." Get a clue you fucking morons. Today it's racists and pedophiles, tomorrow it could be your "radical" group. Don't think you're immune. Don't think you're so good and pure that society can't turn on you in a heartbeat. Think about that, you ignorant pile of shit.

If you never pay any attention to the quotes I put after each rant, make sure you pay close attention to this one. Wiser words were never spoken. And I happen to agree wholeheartedly with Voltaire on this one.

“I may not agree with what you say, but I'll
defend to the death your right to say it.”