In a society in which it is a moral offense to be different from your neighbor your only escape is never to let them find out.
-Robert A. Heinlein
Lord Galen
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Fathers' Rights

Maybe I should've called this rant "Bitch Arrogance" instead, because that's what it really comes down to. The father of a baby can be royally fucked over if the mother feels like fucking him over. Don't want to keep the baby? Sure, just run right out and get an abortion without ever telling the father! It's your body, right? Not like it's a part of HIM too or anything like that... why be concerned about his wishes? Want to have the baby, but just don't want the daddy to know? No problem! Just disappear off the face of the earth and raise the kid. No need for the baby to have a DAD or anything, right?! Want to give your baby up for adoption? Hey dads, just TRY to stop 'em!

Let's get a little misconception out of the way right now. Women seem to have this stupid fucking idea that somehow the baby is more a part of them than the father.


Get something through your hormone-filled little brains: You are a storage unit! You are mother nature's version of fucking TUPPERWARE! No, you damn stupid little slag bitch, the baby is NOT a part of you OR an extension of your own body. It is a completely seperate living creature that just happens to be parasitical in nature for the first nine months of its life. You're it's fucking host!

Now before I get every bitch within a hundred light-years e-mailing me and whining that I'm trivializing the importance of motherhood, let me say this: GOOD! Fuck you and your womb-centric ego! Maybe now you know what it feels like for us men! Since the beginning of fucking time, women have implied, hinted, giggled, girl-talked, and outright stated that we're not their equal as parents because we don't incubate the damn thing inside our bodies. Hey, get a fucking clue bitch: That precious little thing inside you is FIFTY-PERCENT US! Yeah, you carry it around and that's great. It's not easy carrying a child and giving birth; I'm not saying that it is and I'm not saying that you don't deserve respect for doing it. What I AM saying is that just because your body hosts it doesn't mean that it's any more your child than it is the father's! Get the fuck over it! Carrying a child is hard and you have my respect for it, but it doesn't make you MORE to that child and it doesn't give you more inherent rights over that child!

And from that bullshit belief comes a whole LOT of shit (as mentioned in the first paragraph).

So you're pregnant and don't want to tell the father? TOO FUCKING BAD! That new life came from his body too, you skank. Yes, it's in your body, but it's still also a part of his body; how dare you presume to make ANY fucking decision about it without consulting him! A part of his body is entrusted into the care of your body for 9 months and you don't even give a flying fuck about that trust. Oh no, it's your baby in your body, so fuck him!

Pro-choice or Pro-life; in this case it doesn't matter. If you have an abortion against the wishes of that baby's father, I hope he beats you to death with a tire iron (and no, I'm NOT kidding). Even if you don't believe that abortion is murder, it's still the murder of potential (if not a human life). Robbing a man of his right to be a father deserves your head on a platter, you stupid little whore! Personally, I believe that abortion is murder (though sometimes justified). So for me, it would be a simple straight-forward matter: You just killed my baby and now I'm gonna slit your fucking throat, bitch. End of story!

Recently, a friend of mine broke some shocking news to me. He told me that an old girlfriend paid him a visit and informed him that he has a four year old daughter. Four fucking years.... the formative years of that child's life and she was forced to live them without a father. Not because the father was scum or didn't want to take care of the baby and live up to his responsibilities like any decent man should. Not because he was a "dead-beat dad." Nope, it was because that bitch felt like she had some "right" to hide from him the existance of his child. HIS CHILD!!! His own fucking flesh and blood! That pathetic little bitch doesn't even deserve to be a mother! What the fuck is she teaching that little girl by showing her that men don't deserve to be respected as equals?! How will that child feel when she gets older and realizes that she didn't have a father because her mother is a bitch?!

And just in case he reads this: My friend, sue that bitch! Take her straight to fucking court and sue for joint custody of YOUR child. Yeah, you'll probably want a paternity test first and the court can order that for you, no problem. Of course, you never actually said whether or not you even want to be a father to this child..... If you don't want to have anything to do with that girl, then don't bother calling or anything ever again because I don't associate with worthless sacks of shit! You find out if she's really your kid and if she is, what you want doesn't matter. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Parents don't have rights; they have responsibilities! Step up, dad! Don't make me waste this perfectly good rant against bitches and then you turn around and be fucking loser! But, hey, maybe I'm being to harsh... Maybe she's realized the error of her ways and wants you to be in the child's life now. Good, go with that, but make damn sure you get legally recognized as her biological father or you'll be in an even worse position than you are now.

And guys... If you're name isn't on that birth certificate, she doesn't even have to fucking ask you before giving it up for adoption! Hell, even WITH your name on the birth certificate, it's damn hard to stop the bitch from giving your child away! And why don't the bitches just give the baby to its daddy instead? That's a good fucking question! Usually the answer is "That man wouldn't be a good daddy." Oh yeah, and the state is much better? Aren't you just sweet; you'd rather your child get fucked up in the head by the state instead of by his/her father... awwww, you're just so special for that. Jesus Christ, excuse me while I fucking puke!

No e-mails, no posts, no nothing, if you disagree with this rant. This one is not debatable and I won't even reply. I'm right and you can just fucking live with it.

"No government can love a child,
and no policy can substitute for a
family's care."

-Hillary Clinton

(and by that, she means the whole family!)